Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2 - 20 / Day 191 There's No Comfort in Change and No Change in Comfort.

Sister Penalba & Me
Well it's time for a new transfer a new companion and hard new assignments! 
Welcome to a transfer of Love, Patience, and extra service. My new companion is Sister Bondare from Latvia... my lil European Diva :)   She's very sweet and beautiful, that's for stinkin sure. 

I've been called to be a District Leader... wooohooo. But not really though. I don't feel like I'm capable of having that responsibility and not a good enough leader or example for it either.  Sister Bondare & I are also the apartment coordinators which means 200 Sisters come to us when things break, things are missing, and to make sure Apartments are clean and tidy! YAYYY. It's been constant things to do and get for 2 days straight now.  Like I said... it's gonna be a transfer of love, patience, and charity. But that's good 'cause I really need to work on those things. The Lord is so aware of what you need to learn & do... He always finds a way to make it happen. haha.

I was sad to say goodbye again to Sisters going home & Sisters going outbound. I took Sister Peters to the airport at 4:45 in the morning the other day... Gonna miss that punk more than anything EVER. So sad we can't talk to each other when they're gone outbound. 

Things have been great with missionary work. There's always lots to get done & many people to help. 
Sandra: is as good as ever of course. Enjoying living the Word of Wisdom and has replaced her love of Sweet Tea with Apple Juice.... sounds like a Mormon already:) ahha. Her love for us is such a blessing. I'm dying to meet her. One day one day.
Hannah: We met her on chat & she's a super cool girl. She grew up around Mormons and saw how happy and solid they always were and now wants that in her life. Her situation is a lil complicated though because she works in a Jewish school and lives with some people she works with. So no one can know she's meeting with missionaries or else she'll get fired. We taught her the first lesson & she was super open to everything. Everything religion related is really new to her though, especially prayer! So baby steps to a new her. She's awesome & we look forward to helping her more. Her athiest Boyfriend has a Mormon best friend too. 

Lots of new Investigators this past week so we're happy to start teaching and getting to know them. 
I always wish SOOO badly that I could just teach them in person & gain a real relationship with them instead of just over the phone. Outbound is gonna be a dream come true.

I really stink at writting email.. I'm sorry! I feel like I can never ever put into words the things I'm experiecing and how truly amazing all these people are. Wish I was a better writter and knew how to put these things into words but it's just impossible. And with how much time we already spend on the computers I just get sick of spending even more time typing and staring at the screen. 
So if you really wanna know how awesome this all is you're gonna have to come find me after I get home and sit down with me & my journals:) haha

Sister Bondare & I are determined to loose weight this transfer. This 13 pounds I've gained has GOT TO GO. I'm soo nasty, ewwwwww. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week. 
I've got lots to learn and lots to improve  upon... it's a constant uphill battle... but I'll eventually make it to the top.

Sister Bondare and me

Jacob 4:7 Nevertheless, the Lord God showeth us our aweakness that we may know that it is by his bgrace, and his great condescensions unto the children of men, that we have power to do these things.

-Sister Hansen

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