Thursday, October 31, 2013

10-29 / Day 77 This is the Craziest Roller-Coaster !!

                                               A lot has happened this week and a lot has been learned! 

I'm obsessed with taking artsy pics of the TEMPLE :)
I kinda hate to admit it, but I really let my distractions and anxiety get the best of me this past week! I was feeling so run down and soooo tired because I can't sleep when I have a million thoughts in my head while I try to fall asleep. I started getting in bed at like 9:30 so I could just fall asleep on time and try to get a full 8 hrs of sleep, but nothing seemed to work & then the negativity just took over! I even had thoughts like, "Well it's okay, I've learned enough.  I'm just gonna go home & then I won't be so run down anymore, and I'll sleep normal and everything will be just fine."  


...This stupid.  
I just got on my knees and prayed asking Heavenly Father to help me let it all go & just move forward. 

I never really understood what the Atonement was before my mission... I thought, all right you just use it when you sin and that's about it.  No.  That is SO not the only thing the Atonement is about. It's literally a full changing process. We all need to change everyday, but it can only happen through the Savior. Repentance brings power to change, the message of hope, and the ability to live in God's presence. And so, I realized I needed to really use it in a way I never had before.  I needed to tell Heavenly Father I was sorry for the things I thought and for my attitude, because this isn't my mission it's HIS!  I prayed asking for strength and answers to my worries. 

And then our mission got to hear from Dallin H. Oaks this week! Oh my goodness... most amazing experience to have an apostle testify about how he doesn't know whose questions he will answer when he speaks, but he knows it happens!  Then, during his talk, my questions were literally answered in a way I've never experienced. I knew what he was saying was FOR ME! Without going in to details that would take such a long time to explain, there were things on my mind that were pressing into such worries.  An apostle of God followed the spirit when he spoke to us this week.  He, by chance, (or Not!) said that he felt prompted to tell a short story about a man, that he hadn't been planning to share.  That story answered the question in my mind, absolutely directly.  And gave comfort and calming reassurance to my aching heart and worried mind . . . .  I have experienced yet another miracle, this one, directly for me.  The Savior knows each of us, the details of our lives, all of them, and He loves us often in spite of how well He knows us.  And He wants us to improve.  And He gives us every help we need to do it, when we ask in faith.  And that is miracle we can all experience any day we decide we will honestly put it to the test.

Sister Hale & I are trying so hard to help our investigators but we've experienced a bit of a rocky road, unfortunately. 

The sign we have up in Guest Services to remind us of the 
rules and things. SO great! I miss watching The Office!!!

Buckley: OMGoodness... what to even say about him. Basically he's been lying the whole entire time about everything. We're more counselors to him than missionaries! We texted the sisters in his ward and found out he hasn't been to church at all and that they're not even allowed to talk to him because he's such a threat to them! Scary! He's not stable at all & it's really sad.  He made up a huge story about how he went to church and the sister apologized to him and got permission to teach him again and about how he talked to the stake president and he said he can be baptized when he's sobber for a month! & the whole time we knew he was lying becuase the Sisters told us he hadn't been to church at all.  Anyway, we don't know what to do next with him because we can't tell him we know he's lying and that we talked to the Sisters because that puts them in harms way because he lives right next to them and it's just a bad situation.  We're praying that Heavenly Father will lead out and help us!

We got bored in Guest Services and miss being out on the square,
so we made this sign for everyone to share with us
what's going on outside our bubble. People phone calls and
questions drive me sooo crazy sometimes! haha! 
Carlos: We taught him this week with Darin who is a referral I got at conference (he's trying to decide to serve a mission but has a lot of concerns and struggles).  So we thought it would be cool for him to teach on the phone with us! & He did and it was such a good experience for all of us. We taught Carlos The Restoration and he understands everything and LOVES the BOM! We invited him to be baptized on Nov. 9! He said he would talk to his Bishop on Sunday & his friend Andrew who's the friend who gave him the BOM and introduced him to the church. He said he wants him to baptize him! SO TENDER! Carlos is so amazing, when we teach him, Sister Hale & I just look at each other with the HUGEST SMILES and DIE at the things he says! His prayers are soooo strong and true : ) 
Other than them, we've just been trying to contact a ton of people in our area book and people we've gotten from Conference!

The work is moving forward!!!!

I love my mission, and the struggles will just build me stronger at the end! 
-Sister Hansen

HAHHAHAH Such cheese balls during companionship study! 
We were holding Preach My Gospel together and 
another sister comes in cracking up at us 
so then we decided to exaggerate 
and take a pic of it:) Sooo silly!!!
The pin Nate got me from Chile! I LOVE MY SCRIPTURES 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10-22 / Day 70 O The Blessings!

Christus at night!
First of all not having a for 13 days was NOT FUN! The last week of the transfer was probably my worst week in the mission yet! Since I was put in a trio it caused a lot of unwanted problems! But I don’t even want to get into those details because it's not worth it, and it’s in the past now!

Sister Hale is a literal ANGEL 

This new transfer is probably going to be the best of my whole entire mission! I'm calling it my CELESTIAL TRANSFER, because that's all it has been so far & that's all it's going to be! My new companion’s name is Sister Hale. She's from AZ, and laughs, and is loud just like me! She's perfect... I LOVE HER! She's the most loving and sweetest sister I know. She's been through a lot in her life and it makes her SUCH a powerful missionary. I feel so blessed to have been put with her. She's in her 3rd transfer so just a little ahead of me... so we're totally on the same page!

I just love her so much!

I remember mentioning a little bit about one of my conference miracles, Jessica! Well, her family came to the square last Sunday and we gave them their tour. It was the most spiritual experience I've had yet giving a tour. Her mother had tears in her eyes the whole entire time. The spirit was SOOOOOO strong, it was literally burning inside me. At the end of God’s Plan, her mother and grandmother were bawling thanking us for the soul enriching experience they were able to have. She said to me, "The light of Christ in you is so special, I can not thank you enough for the spirit you have brought to my soul today, and because of you many people will come to know that this church is true. I pray for you missionaries every single night."

That family walked out of the square and the spirit so strongly testified to me that every single one of them would one day be baptized. I cried so hard when she told me those things about me ... it was such a tender moment with the spirit!

SISTER HALE & I Rocking Guest Services! We are the ones who answer all the phones and do the scheduling and what not! SO FUN!

I am so extremely grateful and humbled to be a representative of Jesus Christ! I find such joy in my calling! I learned so much in my scripture study this week! Alma 26:11-12. READ IT!

The whole mission after Conference 
This week has been so amazing with Sister Hale! Her spirit is so strong. I've never felt so productive in my whole entire life! Here's the update with investigators...

YA!!! We can doooo it

Buckley: He is one of Sis Hale’s progressing investigators. He's been through some pretty hard times in his life, and is a SUPER bad alcoholic. But he has such a desire to come closer to Christ and be baptized. He just can’t get over his drinking problem. So Sis Hale and I prayed about how we could help him and in our District Meeting we came up with the idea to give up something that we're addicted to as well. So, we are now HEREBY GIVING UP ALL CANDY & DESSERTS! I know what you’re thinking... Halloween is just around the corner! But we don't care because we are all doing this together! We know that it's going to help him to know we're right there with him!

Cool picture timmmme!

Carlos: I met him on chat last week! He's 18 and is almost done reading the BOM. He has some member friends who have been helping him a lot! We taught him last week and in his first lesson we gave him the baptismal interview questions! HE SAID YES TO EVERYTHING! I've never seen someone so prepared in my whole life! He's so sweet and has such a strong testimony! He's praying about when he should be baptized cause he said he wants to go to church a couple more times! But I'm sure he'll be baptized in a few weeks. He sees the Elders all the time. His dad is Less-Active and is so happy for his son and wants to start going to church with him too. OMyGoodness. BLESSINGS! so great!

David: He isn’t ready to be baptized, but he's on his way!! He loves the support group he has in the church and is so grateful for all the missionaries helping him! He's such a cool dude and loves the church sooo much. We are just trying to work out the concerns he has! But he prayed for the first time on the phone the other day, and it was the sweetest prayer eevver! 

Chloe: Her parents are not supporting her AT ALL! And I haven’t heard from her in a couple of days! I’M SO SAD! She is literally ready for baptism, but her parents are just NOT there :(

There are a lot of other people and miracles, but I don’t have time to write them all out! I've learned sooo much these past 2 weeks! I cannot express my gratitude that I've been put with Sister Hale. The spirit is so strong in our companionship, and I honestly feel like we're best friends! It's such a gift & I am learning SO MUCH FROM HER!

Sister Tiririlli & I in the freeeezing cold!


Sister Cummings from Hawaii!!! <3

I love this gospel with all my heart. I know that it is true without a doubt. I know that any questions and concerns we have can all be found and answered in the Book of Mormon! I know that my strength as a missionary only comes from the power of God and the Holy Ghost!

Temple Square is the prettiest place on earth!!!!
I love you all soooo much!!!!

OH! ONE MORE CRAZY THING! I met Kendl’s best bud from the mission!!!! He got home from his mission and the next day was in Salt Lake shopping with his sister and thought, "Oh ya my best buddy’s little sister is serving there. Lets see if we can find her"... And then he walks in and there I AM! It was sooooo fun!!! I loved talking about Kendl & how he was JUST WITH HIM! Sooooo great!!! I miss Kendl soooo much!!!

xoxoxo -Sister Hansen

Friday, October 11, 2013


Sister Deleu and I!
(Forgot to include last week.)

She's going on her outbound mission
to IOWA! Bye Byeee Trainer!

Conference in Temple Square is literally Missionary Superbowl! When you get a golden referral or meet an amazing member it's like a HUGE RIDICULOUSLY COOL TOUCH DOWN!  And then, when you see crazzzy woman standing in the line for the priesthood session demanding that the Prophet asks God if the priesthood should be reorganized, it's like the opposite team getting a touch down... actually it's way worse than that! 

I never realized how much work and prayers go into General Conference!
It amazed me to see all of it and then think that so many members of the church don't even care to watch conference, or just sleep through it and say, "Oh, it's boring & pointless... their voices just put me to sleep."  Oh, how I wish I could just come & tell them of the importance.  It is a promise that if we go into conference with questions and with an open heart we will receive a personal epistle from God to us!  SO... if you were one of those people, please do your Heavenly Father a favor and watch it over again online! It was sooo sad to not be able to watch conference completely, but hearing the talks aloud all over the square was the coolest thing EVER!!!!!! I'm just gonna have to watch the rest of conference during companionship studies. 
We were able to go to Sunday morning's session & got to sit right up close! AHHH!!!! It was soooooo goooooood! I LOVE CONFERENCE!!! During the rest of the time this weekend we were out ALL day long contacting people and uplifting members! It was literally the most exhausting thing ever... we had 2 seconds to eat lunch... & about 4 seconds to eat dinner! 
During conference it was my goal to find THE ONE each day that needed me personally! And, I can tell you that I FOUND THE ONES EACH DAY!!!!!! 

Sunday morning Conference session.
After the whole woman and the priesthood thing, I was pretty shaken up... I was upset that they claimed to have testimonies of the gospel and were strong faithful members, but they we going so against the teachings of this church!  I started crying as they sang trying to, "invite the spirit to the square."  I had to go to the bathroom cause I couldn't take it. Being a missionary you want to help every single person & I knew there was nothing I could do to help this situation because the spirit would not be present when something like this was taking place. 

As I walked out of the bathroom, I found Jessica, a convert of a year who is engaged to be married in the Temple this Summer!  She wanted to talk to us so bad for some reason!  We had the most uplifting conversation ever! She said she felt so strongly that she needed to bring her family (who are not members) to the square here on Sunday (they're going to be here visiting) and have them take a tour with us!

 I'm SOOO excited to meet all her family & help teach them the gospel! She was the sweetest person I've ever met. I told her about how shaken up I was & that I knew Heavenly Father lead me to talking to her so I could focus back on things that I could control and help!  She told me, that right as I walked down the hall she saw me and knew she needed to talk with me because I could help her and her family! OMyGosh, THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! The spirit can prompt us in the most amazing ways!
Walking home after conference weekend was over.  So Sad! But, so happy
to go to sleep.  (Might make it into Ensign next month!)

I also met some pretty amazing people and have some super cool people to call! I could go ON & ON about conference miracle's, but I don't have the time... oh how I wish I did though!!!! 
Since last general conference we have had 503 baptisms as a mission... our new goal until April is 603 baptisms! WOOOOHOOOO! The mission received 3,000 referrals this weekend! Which we expected way more, but members were a little tough! But still amazing... & so much work to do!

My investigators are doing FANTASTIC!!!!
Chloe is ready for her baptism... SOOOO ready! But we're still waiting for her parents approval! She loved conference & LOVED President Utchdorf's talk!!!!
David has A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!! OMyGosh!!! I'm sooooooo excited! October 26th is the date the elders set with him! He loves the church, but still is feeling a little uneasy about knowing 100% in his heart that this is what he needs to do. So this next few weeks we're just working on his prayers so he can get that 100% answer! I'm praying that he makes his date! But I know that the Lord is so aware & is going to help him! 

Service Project we did at Heritage Park this week!  (I was dead tired from Conference.)

I got to be part of the huge VIP tour! 100s of leaders from different countries came this morning! Like the Supreme Court Justice from the Ukraine & a large group of other dignitaries from countries around the world! Sister Nelson & I got to take around 2 Vietnamese men who work for the government  & Sisters Deleu & Compi (French speakers) took senators from Ivory coast on tour! There were so many other people there too. But the main focus of it was to have these Senators and Government officials feel okay & good with opening up missions in their countries & furthering the church there! OMyGosh! This was succch a big deal! Everyone left happy & taught... We died when we dropped them off at the church office building cause we knew just on the other side of the elevator was the First Presidency waiting to take them to lunch! AHHH! We wanted to meet them soooo bad! I was so grateful for the opportunity to be part of such an amazing VIP tour!

WOW..... I've made it through my first transfer here in the mission! TIME FLIES! It really really does. 
I have no idea when my next is going to be! We have transfer conference on Sunday night and will get our new companions on Wednesday and move & stuff, so I don't have So if my new is after Wednesday, hopefully I can email and just tell you when I'll next be on... if not, I'll have one of the Sisters let you know!!!!
Mission life is SO INSANE!!!!! You gain weight even if you only eat lettuce. You learn so muchpatience (cause I'm the only one in my apartment from America) & these Sisters just do so many crazy funny things. Like get out of the shower soaking wet and make the bathroom floor a literal pool. Or put gross uncovered food in the fridge & every thing stinks... I could go on & on.


I'm sooo scared to find out who my new companion is on Wednesday. There's a chance I could already be training since there are 40 new sisters coming! OH MAN! Game on this next transfer. 
-Sister Hansen
Candy from Chile!!!
I got so excited to try candy from Chile!
I'm basically obsessed with everything the Sisters
from Chile here tell me about home & eat
everything they give me to try from there!
haha Love you Elder Dirkmaat : ) 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

10-2 / Day 50 Conference Pump Up!!!!

Mission life is absolutely unreal some days! I feel like I'm on the most gnarly roller coaster in the WORLD! This week has been full of emotions and craziness! The only thing that gets me through rough days is my prayers! I beg & plead with the Lord to give me strength. It would be humanly impossible to be in the same 6 buildings....15 acres... for 18 months if I didn't have the Lord here with me! The spirit I feel each day and the different people I meet are the only way I can do this! 

Blake likes to visit the square from time to time and provide
his personal brand of comic relief, as only Blake can.  Not sure
how he got access to Emily's planner.
Her message to him:

"Thanks for the note Blake!!"   

I may have to put the "I" away for a
little while, to be a good missionary...
But I will never lose my Sasss :)
Fun Events of the week:
So since it's getting close to conference we've had a ton of CUTE families here on the square... partly my heart rejoices, but then it's like a huge dagger to my heart that I can't even hardly touch all these precious children! But the spirit the members bring here is undeniable! I literally can see the light of Christ just BEAMING off the members who visit! I look at all these families and it gives me such huge motivation to raise such a strong family in the gospel. Preparing for Conference is so fun, but STRESSFUL! 

Relief Society Broadcast with my
precious Sister May

Sister Asay (MTC COMPANION) & I at the 
Relief Society Broadcast! LOVE HER!

Being able to go to the Relief Society broadcast was such a huge blessing! I can not even express in words the spirit I felt. When the prophet walked into the room 21,000 woman just shut their mouths and didn't even move a muscle... I had chills all over! The talks were amazinnnggg & I learned so much. But what shocked me the most was that I was praying the morning of thinking "hmmm, what would really uplift & help all the woman in the church including me...."  Then, "all the covenants we make in the gospel," came to my mind & BOOM!  What was the broadcast all about... COVENANTS! The spirit enlightens us sooo much! When the First Presidency was walking off after the broadcast, they came right up to where the Sisters were sitting and waved to us! But the BEST of all was Elder Holland & Christopherson... They came up and blew us a million kisses waved and put their hands to their hearts! I melted! There spirit is SO strong... They're amazing and made us feel soooo special! 

Happy Birthday Sister Deleu...
our fun lunch at the Church
Office Building

We were able to go to Sister Deleu's grandma's house in Salt Lake for her 22 Birthday on Thursday! It was loads & loads of funnn! Yummy Peruvian food, only speaking French & Spanish! Crazziiness, but it was sooo nice to be in a home & eat yummy real food! Although I did get sick that night from all the sugar I ate during the day... bad bad BAD! & I'm getting a belly... SOOOO NOT OKAY! I'm mad at myself. But it's because we eat so dang fast & it's hard to cook good food. I'm trying hard. But I gotta work out harder every morning... okay enough of that! 

Chloe is going beyond words, AMAZING! I get an email from her this afternoon saying, "I'm not sure I know how to fast 100% right....  I went to church and everyone was talking about fasting and that it's 2 meals, but what two meals?  And what is my next step towards building my faith and getting me ready for my baptism?"  OH MAN GUYS!!!! I just was jumping in my chair with joy that she is so concerned about doing things right & that she just wants to be doing the correct things so she's ready for baptism. I am in shock that someone can come sooo far from just being emailed from the missionaries. It doesn't matter how they are taught.  What really matters is that the spirit is able to be there when she reads what we write.  That will change her life!  I know the spirit helps her learn and grow!!!!! Her mom is slowly coming along to the idea of baptism! Hopefully the missionaries can come to her house soon! 

David: I met David on chat also a few weeks ago! We had such a good conversation that uplifted me a ton as well. He wasn't comfortable with giving out his number,  so I just got his email. When I went to email him like a day later it didn't work! IT BROKE MY HEART because he was soo interested in learning more and growing. He loves everything about the church but just struggles with his faith! Like knowing the difference between faith and fact! Anyways... I get on chat Sunday night and then he pops up!  & goes "Claire & Emily... haven't we spoken before?"  & I literally screamed omgosh!  IT'S A MIRACLE! hahah anyways! He met with the missionaries, went to church, and ate at a members home!  Come to find out he's kinda on and off with the missionaries there,  but he's so amazing! I taught him on the phone and he keeps all his committments! He's so golden... like bright gleaming gold! ahahhaha. I get to call him again tomorrow & teach him! I hope I'll be able to make a difference in his life. He's already like living the gospel, basically. 


Well, everyone please prepare for Conference! 
It's sooo important that we have a living Prophet to receive guidance from.  Each and everyone of us can learn sooo much for Conference if we are prepared! Think of questions you have or struggles you've been going through and pray to Heavenly Father that you will be able to get answers during conference! I promise you will receive answers through the spirit! 

I read the most aamaazzzing talk this week by Gordon B. Hinckley... everyone do me a HUGE favor and read it! It's called 'Don't Drop The Ball!'   1994 conference, SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!
I love the spirit I am able to feel as a missionary. It's the best compliment in the world when people come here and tell you that they can see the Light of Christ in you, in your eyes, and in your smile!  It's happened so many times this week and I just wanna cry everytime someone tells me this... I just testify to them that it is ONLY because of this Gospel of Jesus Christ and promise them that they can have this happiness too! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!! It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my lifeee,

but it's the most rewarding! 
I love you all!!!!!!

Being Super Cultural & eating Korean Snacks!! WOAH!