Sunday, October 6, 2013

10-2 / Day 50 Conference Pump Up!!!!

Mission life is absolutely unreal some days! I feel like I'm on the most gnarly roller coaster in the WORLD! This week has been full of emotions and craziness! The only thing that gets me through rough days is my prayers! I beg & plead with the Lord to give me strength. It would be humanly impossible to be in the same 6 buildings....15 acres... for 18 months if I didn't have the Lord here with me! The spirit I feel each day and the different people I meet are the only way I can do this! 

Blake likes to visit the square from time to time and provide
his personal brand of comic relief, as only Blake can.  Not sure
how he got access to Emily's planner.
Her message to him:

"Thanks for the note Blake!!"   

I may have to put the "I" away for a
little while, to be a good missionary...
But I will never lose my Sasss :)
Fun Events of the week:
So since it's getting close to conference we've had a ton of CUTE families here on the square... partly my heart rejoices, but then it's like a huge dagger to my heart that I can't even hardly touch all these precious children! But the spirit the members bring here is undeniable! I literally can see the light of Christ just BEAMING off the members who visit! I look at all these families and it gives me such huge motivation to raise such a strong family in the gospel. Preparing for Conference is so fun, but STRESSFUL! 

Relief Society Broadcast with my
precious Sister May

Sister Asay (MTC COMPANION) & I at the 
Relief Society Broadcast! LOVE HER!

Being able to go to the Relief Society broadcast was such a huge blessing! I can not even express in words the spirit I felt. When the prophet walked into the room 21,000 woman just shut their mouths and didn't even move a muscle... I had chills all over! The talks were amazinnnggg & I learned so much. But what shocked me the most was that I was praying the morning of thinking "hmmm, what would really uplift & help all the woman in the church including me...."  Then, "all the covenants we make in the gospel," came to my mind & BOOM!  What was the broadcast all about... COVENANTS! The spirit enlightens us sooo much! When the First Presidency was walking off after the broadcast, they came right up to where the Sisters were sitting and waved to us! But the BEST of all was Elder Holland & Christopherson... They came up and blew us a million kisses waved and put their hands to their hearts! I melted! There spirit is SO strong... They're amazing and made us feel soooo special! 

Happy Birthday Sister Deleu...
our fun lunch at the Church
Office Building

We were able to go to Sister Deleu's grandma's house in Salt Lake for her 22 Birthday on Thursday! It was loads & loads of funnn! Yummy Peruvian food, only speaking French & Spanish! Crazziiness, but it was sooo nice to be in a home & eat yummy real food! Although I did get sick that night from all the sugar I ate during the day... bad bad BAD! & I'm getting a belly... SOOOO NOT OKAY! I'm mad at myself. But it's because we eat so dang fast & it's hard to cook good food. I'm trying hard. But I gotta work out harder every morning... okay enough of that! 

Chloe is going beyond words, AMAZING! I get an email from her this afternoon saying, "I'm not sure I know how to fast 100% right....  I went to church and everyone was talking about fasting and that it's 2 meals, but what two meals?  And what is my next step towards building my faith and getting me ready for my baptism?"  OH MAN GUYS!!!! I just was jumping in my chair with joy that she is so concerned about doing things right & that she just wants to be doing the correct things so she's ready for baptism. I am in shock that someone can come sooo far from just being emailed from the missionaries. It doesn't matter how they are taught.  What really matters is that the spirit is able to be there when she reads what we write.  That will change her life!  I know the spirit helps her learn and grow!!!!! Her mom is slowly coming along to the idea of baptism! Hopefully the missionaries can come to her house soon! 

David: I met David on chat also a few weeks ago! We had such a good conversation that uplifted me a ton as well. He wasn't comfortable with giving out his number,  so I just got his email. When I went to email him like a day later it didn't work! IT BROKE MY HEART because he was soo interested in learning more and growing. He loves everything about the church but just struggles with his faith! Like knowing the difference between faith and fact! Anyways... I get on chat Sunday night and then he pops up!  & goes "Claire & Emily... haven't we spoken before?"  & I literally screamed omgosh!  IT'S A MIRACLE! hahah anyways! He met with the missionaries, went to church, and ate at a members home!  Come to find out he's kinda on and off with the missionaries there,  but he's so amazing! I taught him on the phone and he keeps all his committments! He's so golden... like bright gleaming gold! ahahhaha. I get to call him again tomorrow & teach him! I hope I'll be able to make a difference in his life. He's already like living the gospel, basically. 


Well, everyone please prepare for Conference! 
It's sooo important that we have a living Prophet to receive guidance from.  Each and everyone of us can learn sooo much for Conference if we are prepared! Think of questions you have or struggles you've been going through and pray to Heavenly Father that you will be able to get answers during conference! I promise you will receive answers through the spirit! 

I read the most aamaazzzing talk this week by Gordon B. Hinckley... everyone do me a HUGE favor and read it! It's called 'Don't Drop The Ball!'   1994 conference, SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!
I love the spirit I am able to feel as a missionary. It's the best compliment in the world when people come here and tell you that they can see the Light of Christ in you, in your eyes, and in your smile!  It's happened so many times this week and I just wanna cry everytime someone tells me this... I just testify to them that it is ONLY because of this Gospel of Jesus Christ and promise them that they can have this happiness too! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!! It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my lifeee,

but it's the most rewarding! 
I love you all!!!!!!

Being Super Cultural & eating Korean Snacks!! WOAH! 

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