Friday, October 11, 2013


Sister Deleu and I!
(Forgot to include last week.)

She's going on her outbound mission
to IOWA! Bye Byeee Trainer!

Conference in Temple Square is literally Missionary Superbowl! When you get a golden referral or meet an amazing member it's like a HUGE RIDICULOUSLY COOL TOUCH DOWN!  And then, when you see crazzzy woman standing in the line for the priesthood session demanding that the Prophet asks God if the priesthood should be reorganized, it's like the opposite team getting a touch down... actually it's way worse than that! 

I never realized how much work and prayers go into General Conference!
It amazed me to see all of it and then think that so many members of the church don't even care to watch conference, or just sleep through it and say, "Oh, it's boring & pointless... their voices just put me to sleep."  Oh, how I wish I could just come & tell them of the importance.  It is a promise that if we go into conference with questions and with an open heart we will receive a personal epistle from God to us!  SO... if you were one of those people, please do your Heavenly Father a favor and watch it over again online! It was sooo sad to not be able to watch conference completely, but hearing the talks aloud all over the square was the coolest thing EVER!!!!!! I'm just gonna have to watch the rest of conference during companionship studies. 
We were able to go to Sunday morning's session & got to sit right up close! AHHH!!!! It was soooooo goooooood! I LOVE CONFERENCE!!! During the rest of the time this weekend we were out ALL day long contacting people and uplifting members! It was literally the most exhausting thing ever... we had 2 seconds to eat lunch... & about 4 seconds to eat dinner! 
During conference it was my goal to find THE ONE each day that needed me personally! And, I can tell you that I FOUND THE ONES EACH DAY!!!!!! 

Sunday morning Conference session.
After the whole woman and the priesthood thing, I was pretty shaken up... I was upset that they claimed to have testimonies of the gospel and were strong faithful members, but they we going so against the teachings of this church!  I started crying as they sang trying to, "invite the spirit to the square."  I had to go to the bathroom cause I couldn't take it. Being a missionary you want to help every single person & I knew there was nothing I could do to help this situation because the spirit would not be present when something like this was taking place. 

As I walked out of the bathroom, I found Jessica, a convert of a year who is engaged to be married in the Temple this Summer!  She wanted to talk to us so bad for some reason!  We had the most uplifting conversation ever! She said she felt so strongly that she needed to bring her family (who are not members) to the square here on Sunday (they're going to be here visiting) and have them take a tour with us!

 I'm SOOO excited to meet all her family & help teach them the gospel! She was the sweetest person I've ever met. I told her about how shaken up I was & that I knew Heavenly Father lead me to talking to her so I could focus back on things that I could control and help!  She told me, that right as I walked down the hall she saw me and knew she needed to talk with me because I could help her and her family! OMyGosh, THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! The spirit can prompt us in the most amazing ways!
Walking home after conference weekend was over.  So Sad! But, so happy
to go to sleep.  (Might make it into Ensign next month!)

I also met some pretty amazing people and have some super cool people to call! I could go ON & ON about conference miracle's, but I don't have the time... oh how I wish I did though!!!! 
Since last general conference we have had 503 baptisms as a mission... our new goal until April is 603 baptisms! WOOOOHOOOO! The mission received 3,000 referrals this weekend! Which we expected way more, but members were a little tough! But still amazing... & so much work to do!

My investigators are doing FANTASTIC!!!!
Chloe is ready for her baptism... SOOOO ready! But we're still waiting for her parents approval! She loved conference & LOVED President Utchdorf's talk!!!!
David has A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!! OMyGosh!!! I'm sooooooo excited! October 26th is the date the elders set with him! He loves the church, but still is feeling a little uneasy about knowing 100% in his heart that this is what he needs to do. So this next few weeks we're just working on his prayers so he can get that 100% answer! I'm praying that he makes his date! But I know that the Lord is so aware & is going to help him! 

Service Project we did at Heritage Park this week!  (I was dead tired from Conference.)

I got to be part of the huge VIP tour! 100s of leaders from different countries came this morning! Like the Supreme Court Justice from the Ukraine & a large group of other dignitaries from countries around the world! Sister Nelson & I got to take around 2 Vietnamese men who work for the government  & Sisters Deleu & Compi (French speakers) took senators from Ivory coast on tour! There were so many other people there too. But the main focus of it was to have these Senators and Government officials feel okay & good with opening up missions in their countries & furthering the church there! OMyGosh! This was succch a big deal! Everyone left happy & taught... We died when we dropped them off at the church office building cause we knew just on the other side of the elevator was the First Presidency waiting to take them to lunch! AHHH! We wanted to meet them soooo bad! I was so grateful for the opportunity to be part of such an amazing VIP tour!

WOW..... I've made it through my first transfer here in the mission! TIME FLIES! It really really does. 
I have no idea when my next is going to be! We have transfer conference on Sunday night and will get our new companions on Wednesday and move & stuff, so I don't have So if my new is after Wednesday, hopefully I can email and just tell you when I'll next be on... if not, I'll have one of the Sisters let you know!!!!
Mission life is SO INSANE!!!!! You gain weight even if you only eat lettuce. You learn so muchpatience (cause I'm the only one in my apartment from America) & these Sisters just do so many crazy funny things. Like get out of the shower soaking wet and make the bathroom floor a literal pool. Or put gross uncovered food in the fridge & every thing stinks... I could go on & on.


I'm sooo scared to find out who my new companion is on Wednesday. There's a chance I could already be training since there are 40 new sisters coming! OH MAN! Game on this next transfer. 
-Sister Hansen
Candy from Chile!!!
I got so excited to try candy from Chile!
I'm basically obsessed with everything the Sisters
from Chile here tell me about home & eat
everything they give me to try from there!
haha Love you Elder Dirkmaat : ) 

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