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10-22 / Day 70 O The Blessings!

Christus at night!
First of all not having a for 13 days was NOT FUN! The last week of the transfer was probably my worst week in the mission yet! Since I was put in a trio it caused a lot of unwanted problems! But I don’t even want to get into those details because it's not worth it, and it’s in the past now!

Sister Hale is a literal ANGEL 

This new transfer is probably going to be the best of my whole entire mission! I'm calling it my CELESTIAL TRANSFER, because that's all it has been so far & that's all it's going to be! My new companion’s name is Sister Hale. She's from AZ, and laughs, and is loud just like me! She's perfect... I LOVE HER! She's the most loving and sweetest sister I know. She's been through a lot in her life and it makes her SUCH a powerful missionary. I feel so blessed to have been put with her. She's in her 3rd transfer so just a little ahead of me... so we're totally on the same page!

I just love her so much!

I remember mentioning a little bit about one of my conference miracles, Jessica! Well, her family came to the square last Sunday and we gave them their tour. It was the most spiritual experience I've had yet giving a tour. Her mother had tears in her eyes the whole entire time. The spirit was SOOOOOO strong, it was literally burning inside me. At the end of God’s Plan, her mother and grandmother were bawling thanking us for the soul enriching experience they were able to have. She said to me, "The light of Christ in you is so special, I can not thank you enough for the spirit you have brought to my soul today, and because of you many people will come to know that this church is true. I pray for you missionaries every single night."

That family walked out of the square and the spirit so strongly testified to me that every single one of them would one day be baptized. I cried so hard when she told me those things about me ... it was such a tender moment with the spirit!

SISTER HALE & I Rocking Guest Services! We are the ones who answer all the phones and do the scheduling and what not! SO FUN!

I am so extremely grateful and humbled to be a representative of Jesus Christ! I find such joy in my calling! I learned so much in my scripture study this week! Alma 26:11-12. READ IT!

The whole mission after Conference 
This week has been so amazing with Sister Hale! Her spirit is so strong. I've never felt so productive in my whole entire life! Here's the update with investigators...

YA!!! We can doooo it

Buckley: He is one of Sis Hale’s progressing investigators. He's been through some pretty hard times in his life, and is a SUPER bad alcoholic. But he has such a desire to come closer to Christ and be baptized. He just can’t get over his drinking problem. So Sis Hale and I prayed about how we could help him and in our District Meeting we came up with the idea to give up something that we're addicted to as well. So, we are now HEREBY GIVING UP ALL CANDY & DESSERTS! I know what you’re thinking... Halloween is just around the corner! But we don't care because we are all doing this together! We know that it's going to help him to know we're right there with him!

Cool picture timmmme!

Carlos: I met him on chat last week! He's 18 and is almost done reading the BOM. He has some member friends who have been helping him a lot! We taught him last week and in his first lesson we gave him the baptismal interview questions! HE SAID YES TO EVERYTHING! I've never seen someone so prepared in my whole life! He's so sweet and has such a strong testimony! He's praying about when he should be baptized cause he said he wants to go to church a couple more times! But I'm sure he'll be baptized in a few weeks. He sees the Elders all the time. His dad is Less-Active and is so happy for his son and wants to start going to church with him too. OMyGoodness. BLESSINGS! so great!

David: He isn’t ready to be baptized, but he's on his way!! He loves the support group he has in the church and is so grateful for all the missionaries helping him! He's such a cool dude and loves the church sooo much. We are just trying to work out the concerns he has! But he prayed for the first time on the phone the other day, and it was the sweetest prayer eevver! 

Chloe: Her parents are not supporting her AT ALL! And I haven’t heard from her in a couple of days! I’M SO SAD! She is literally ready for baptism, but her parents are just NOT there :(

There are a lot of other people and miracles, but I don’t have time to write them all out! I've learned sooo much these past 2 weeks! I cannot express my gratitude that I've been put with Sister Hale. The spirit is so strong in our companionship, and I honestly feel like we're best friends! It's such a gift & I am learning SO MUCH FROM HER!

Sister Tiririlli & I in the freeeezing cold!


Sister Cummings from Hawaii!!! <3

I love this gospel with all my heart. I know that it is true without a doubt. I know that any questions and concerns we have can all be found and answered in the Book of Mormon! I know that my strength as a missionary only comes from the power of God and the Holy Ghost!

Temple Square is the prettiest place on earth!!!!
I love you all soooo much!!!!

OH! ONE MORE CRAZY THING! I met Kendl’s best bud from the mission!!!! He got home from his mission and the next day was in Salt Lake shopping with his sister and thought, "Oh ya my best buddy’s little sister is serving there. Lets see if we can find her"... And then he walks in and there I AM! It was sooooo fun!!! I loved talking about Kendl & how he was JUST WITH HIM! Sooooo great!!! I miss Kendl soooo much!!!

xoxoxo -Sister Hansen

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