Sunday, March 2, 2014

2 - 27 / Day 198 Always Richly Blessed!


Our week was full of amazing weather and beautiful skies!!

I feel like Heavenly Father really does bless and love me too much! Even though things are rough, tough, ugly and hard a lot of the time, I can always feel and see the way my Father in Heaven pulls me through and helps me grow.

We got to meet with Ben on the square. He texted us saying he just needed to come & talk and that he was struggling. I totally feel for him. He wants to serve a mission really bad but his parents just don't support it so his bishop has worked out for him to be serving this home mission, where he's half in his normal life going to school, hanging out with friends... and doing all this missionary work too. As you can all imagine how hard that would be... trying to give your will to the Lord and work for him, but be distracted with life and all that comes with it. So we were able to encourage him and then he came along with us to teach our less active Ric. 
     I could literally just feel the love our Savior and Father in Heaven have for Ric & Ben! We all shared scriptures that have helped us in the past with hard times and things like that. But the lesson got to point where Sis Bondare and I didn't really know what to do next, but I could just feel the spirit telling me that Ben needed to start teaching and helping Ric. And low and behold Ben just starts testifying sooo boldly about change and how he knows Ric can change his life around. He shares some personal stories with him and tears filled up my eyes! The spirit was wayyyy strong. Afterward, Ben was sooo grateful that he came to the square, and that he was able to be a part of the lesson. I know it helped him sooo much remember how grateful he is to have this missionary call and that he may not be set apart, but he's still a missionary and it's the best he's gonna get so he needs to take advantage of it. I'm serously sooo grateful to be a missionary in Temple Square... it's always a place where the spirit can be felt in amazing strong ways. 
YaY for Apartment Inventories!
We talked with Sandra... she was literally sooo excited to go to church that she went out and bought a brand new skirt and circled the church parking lot a few times! Corinne is soo right that people in Alabama just instantly become your best friends. Sandra always talks about how she prays for us. 

Sandra loved EVERYTHING about church. It was stake conference & she still enjoyed the heck out of it. Okay, she's gonna be such a solid member of the church! haha. She said "everyone just loved on me... I got hugs from 7 yr olds all the way to 70 yr olds."  
     In our Sacrament meeting, Sister Alive (from Africa & France) gave such a great talk on Charity. It's been a theme these past weeks that's for sure. Every where I turn I'm learning soo much on charity and how I need to improve.

I woke up super sick and was just struggling the whole day long. I don't know what it is with my immune system.. but it STINKS! hahah. I've gotten sick every transfer without fail, but hey whatever! My body will have it's own little Resurrection once I'm home. hahaha. At least I keep telling myself that. We had Assembly Hall assignment at night and this older guy named Dave came in. We sat down and talked with him and asked him to share his convertion story with us. He legit ordered a Book of Mormon from a TV commercial, read it and knew it was true! WOAH. The Lord seriously prepares people. We had such a deep conversation with him about the Gospel and how richly and truly blessed we are for the knowledge that we have! Sometimes I feel selfish for how happy the Gospel makes me when I look at others who don't have it and who don't know how to have eternal happiness and joy. Thank goodness I'm able to at least try my hardest to bring that knowledge into the lives of others.

Well I've just been struggling with this stupid cold I have, and trying to get work done with the Apartments, with the District & with all my investigators. But somehow it all seems to get done.. probably not as well as it should, but it's completed, none the less. haha.

Our District. Sister Yim (Hong-Kong) Sister Gariki (Tahiti) 
Sister Chau(Japan) Sister Hirro(Philippines) Sister Bondare(Latvia) & ME:) 

We had our first District Meeting! YAY I survived. I talked about Elder Holland's talk, 'Cast Not Away, Therefore, Thy Confidence.' I had all these thoughts in my head about what I wanted to share and then I got this awesome letter from Nate about what he learned from this talk and it basically put all my ideas together. Totally inspired that I got that letter! And then I used the talk for District Meeting! Hope someone learned something from it. Sister Yim came up to me after, and gave me a hug thanking me for the meeting :) So that was nice. I'm going to work my hardest this transfer, to put off my negative thoughts and attitude I sometimes have, so that nothing is keeping me from the Spirit of Revelation. That night we went home a little early to clean out that BUCK NASTY DI we have in our apartment complex. It's where all the Sisters bring their unwanted -- everything. We have to organize it so other Sisters can come see if then want anything. hahah I'm sure you will all enjoy the ridculous pictures. hahahaha.
DI grossness. hahahaa

So excited to clean garbage!

Piles and Piles of filthy.
The Wonderful things you find in such an international mission! Lol

Alright sorry... my novel is over! There's lots going on around here & I'm glad it's keeping me all busy. Better busy than bored : )

I love you all soooooo much. Remember how blessed truly blessed we are to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.


-Sister Hansen

A Beautiful Sunset Always Makes the Day Better

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