Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3 - 6 / Day 206 Another Week

Well where to begin? Writing emails is very challenging, haha cause I feel like I never know how to sum up what's happened and what i've learned. But I always try to do my best.
I totally forgot to mention last week, that we met L. Tom Perry on the street walking to the square one morning, haha! My companion was all, "Why does that sweet old man look familiar... is he a general authority?" Then, I looked up and was like, "YES... it's L Tom Perry!" and we were smiling cause it was so cool and then he came up and said, "Good morning lovely Sisters" and cracked some jokes with us! haha YAY:) 

I love teaching because it makes me sooo happy, but with this Apartment Coordinator assignment I feel like it's cutting back on our teaching and missionary time so much, and I'm starting to see how stressed out it makes me not being able to teach people, and having hardly anytime to spend out on the square. I really did let the stress of everything get the best of me this week. The melt down I had in the Teaching Center last night was epic fun... haha NOT. But owell, I'm over it... kinda. haha. I'm just frustrated cause I feel like I'm here on a mission to TEACH and HELP people not to check if Sisters apartments are clean (which took 3 hours out of our missionary work on Tuesday) and other ridiculous things we have to do.  I guess I just haven't been able to figure out the right balance yet. I hate when I have days where I literally just feel like giving up and going home to my comfy bed, the nice gym, and my awesome loving mommy. haha. It's bad & I know I shouldn't think like that but it happens every once in a blue moon.

But, I am grateful for the work we were able to get done this week! 
We met an awesome guy named Greg on chat. He's gay but suuuper stinkin cool. He loves reading the Book of Mormon and studying EVERYTHING on He basically knows the church is true and can see the ways that everything helps him feel closer to Christ and have a relationship with God, but he's struggling with his sexuality. Which is hard cause I do NOT know how to relate to this. But we're doing the best that we can & teaching in every way possible. We'll see what happens. He's an awesome guy though. 

Ric has been progressing too.  He's 5 days sober & we're going to try our hardest to get him to CHURCH. We kinda forced him into going to an Addiction Recovery meeting the other day. We felt super bad about it, but we know he wouldn't have gotten there on his own, so we arranged for one of his member friends to meet us on the square when he was coming and take him to the meeting. ahha! The look on his face when he figured out what we were doing was priceless. We felt really evil, but we knew the meeting would help him. And now look, he's almost 1 week of no weed:) YAY!

Our diet is killing us though! I never realized how addicted to food I am, but it's bad & I'm fighting my natural man A LOT this week! Oh the price I have to pay to try and loose this stupid weight. haha.

Sandra is just literally a DIAMOND :) I found out this week that one of her local missionaries is one of Corinne's pervious companions! WHAT! SOOOO AWESOME. Sandra laughed so hard when she found out and gave her my number and this Sister called and left a message on my phone. We're not allowed to talk to local missionaries though. But I was sooo shocked to find that out. :) She is preparing for baptism and her husband is starting to open to learning, too. He was soo happy when the Sisters invited him to attend church with Sandra. There little foster boy Gabe LOVES Jesus Wants me for  Sunbean. Sandra told me all about how they rock out to it in the car driving! HAHAH. She is just LOVING the way her life is being changed and it's amazing to see. I was so touched by a part of her email to me this week.... and I quote... “And about being a diamond -- You are a diamond in my life too, Emily. I am so grateful that out of all the missionaries I chatted with that day... God placed you there! I have come to know my Savior in a much deeper way because of you and your love of sharing the Gospel. Thank you for being my friend and so wonderful! :)”. It's things like these that make me SO grateful for the choice I've made to serve a mission. So I can see amazing miracles like her & her family:) She's excited to one day be sealed in the Temple & I told her she better believe that I would be there!!! 

We also got a crazy new investigator named Chris from Texas. In the first lesson we committed him to be baptized and before Sis. Bondare could finish asking he was answering "yes yes yes I would like to be baptized and I would like to be a missionary too," hahaha WHAT. Ya... lets hope he's real. He'll be attending church this Sunday and meeting the local missionaries!! 

Myriam has really been struggling lately & hasn't been to church in a month! So saddd! We're trying our best to help him and slowly seeing improvement. Having to exercise a lot of faith!!

Heavenly Father has definitely sent me a few slaps in the face with the negative attitude I sometimes seem to be getting. We were driving to Costco the other day during our lunch hour and I looked into the car next to us and saw this CUTE girl with her sunglasses on just having the best time ever singing and hanging out with her friends! I looked at my companion and said... Man lucky her. Ya Heavenly Father DID NOT like that. And this is what he did about it... The guy in the back seat rolled down this window and started trying to get my attention, so I rolled down mine and said, "Hii" and he just started cussing obscenities and said, ISNT IT RAD THAT IT'S THE WEEKEND.  I was like dumb founded and felt soooo guilty for my ridiculous thought. Ya, Thanks Heavenly Father for the wake up call! haha. 

Anyways... hope it's been an awesome week for all of your :) I'm soooo happy it's almost spring. So ready for short sleeve shirts, flats, and NO tights or Boots! Yiiippiiiie! & the flowers are started to bloom everywhere!  :)
-Sister Hansen

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