Friday, March 28, 2014

3 - 27 / Day 227 CALIFORNIA BOUND!

Um what... I'm really going outbound? Is this real?
Flowers getting ready for Conference!
I'm really leaving Temple Square after being in the same 10 acres for about 8 months now?!! hahaha YES! It's vacation time in Fresno, California. I'm stoked everyone -- sooo stoked! You mean I get to teach my investigators in person, I get to have members feed me, I get to actually go to normal church, I get to sit and watch ALL of conference, I get to maybe ride a bike!???? hahaha! YES YES YES YES YES! Heavenly Father LOVES me especially because he's sending me to Sunny California!

     It's gonna be weird to leave my investigators here though. It's stressful thinking about cleaning out my online area book! 

My Friendssssss!

     But here's my MIRACLE OF THE WEEK! I went to the Temple and I was just, ya know, praying for all the people I'm teaching and just thanking Heavenly Father for everything I've been able to experience. So, I was thinking a LOT about Sandra and Bradley and how if and when they accept the Gospel and are baptized they will be able to be sealed in the Temple in a year.  And then when we were leaving I checked the phone and what do you know, it's a text from Sandra .... saying that .... BRADLEY is also getting baptized THIS SUNDAY with her!! So on his like 3rd Sunday to church he is getting baptized!!! Sandra was already an amazing miracle and now Bradley too... say what!? I'm sooo excited for them!!! Sandra was convinced I was coming to Alabama haha but that's okay, I can visit when I'm not a missionary any more! I'm sooo stoked for them! Sandra is the sweetest thing and sent the nicest text in the world this morning saying out of all the missionaries she could have chatted with that day, she was so grateful it was me and knew God sent me in her life for a reason.  So that I could teach her things that would help bring lasting happiness into her life! This gospel really is such a special thing. The blessings that come from it, are indescribable. 
Me and my fam -- at one of my most fav places 
     I was sooo grateful I got to visit with my own FAMILY a little bit this past week.  It was way fun seeing you all and finally seeing Kendl again! It's weird how it feels like nothing has changed even though a million things have. But it was great to see how it's just fun to be with your fam again no matter how much time it's been since you've been away. It gave me comfort to know that it's gonna be just as amazing to be with you all again in just 9 1/2 short months. WOW :) 
Me and Mama!!!!

I hope it's been a great week for all of you & you're preparing to be uplifted and nourished from GENERAL CONFERENCE! 
-Sister Hansen 

(California Fresno Mission:
1814 N. Echo Ave. 
Fresno, CA. 93704 
If you wanna write me or something like that :) haha)

Ah, I LOVE these humans.
I LOVE my family!!!


Does this day get any better??!!


Up to NO Good. . .  nothing's changed.

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