Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4 - 7 / Day 238 WELCOME TO FRESNO

Okay ...  Wow.  I'm about to like have a panic attack.  There is not enough time to email and tell you everything that's going on and that has happened since leaving Temple Square.

Cherry Blossoms!!
General Women's Meeting : )
Last Day at Temple Square

Last Sunday in the JSB for church.
 It kinda stinks. It's been way tooo long without a preparation day so I'll never be able to tell you guys everything that's happened.
I love our new mission president!! Larry Gelwix... go watch his Mormon message on mormon.org he's AWESOME and soo inspired.

The first day I got here, we were at the mission home for awhile then we went to our new area... CLOVIS :) I Love it here. Sister Egbert is my new companion. I love her sooo much. We have way too much fun together and laugh A TON. She's been in the area for about 3 weeks so she's gotten some new investigators in that time. When we got here we went to teach Shay. She's 17 and lives with her sisters. We walked in and started to talk with her, and then her bro-in-law all the sudden got interested & started asking questions, so it turned into us teaching the whole family! We took them all on a church tour this week... with Sis Cleveland a Mom in our ward that's like an ANGEL! I LOVE HER! IT was soo soo good. Sis Cleveland made them DELISH cinammon rolls to bring to their house the night before Conference to remind them to eat the yummy breakfast and then meet us at the stake center to watch it. Well, they didn't show up but that's okay... we're hoping they watched it at home :) 
Sister Egbert and I at the Stake Center.
I feel soooo spoiled being here and having all my meals prepared for me. It's super hard on my stomach to be eating all this meat and red meat too. I kinda hate that part, but whatever. I've been good about taking my vitamins and those pills that help me digest! haha.
We have seen some awesome crazy miracles this week. It's so cool be be in people's homes and feel the spirit that you can bring to them when you teach them about the gospel and how it can change and bless their families.
This mission is VERY different than Temple Square. Lots of new rules and things. It's great! But I've got a lot to get used to, that's for sure. We do not use ANY abbreviations here, so you say, "Preparation Day," and "Sister," or "Elder," no Dude, Guys, Women... It's been really hard for me to get used to and I kinda feel like a super unconsecrated idiot when I do it, but whatever. I get chastized everytime and I wish the silly words didn't slip out of my mouth, but I'm just not used to it yet. We also don't use ANY ipods here so all my music is packed away till the end of June, hahah. We have set workouts in the morning so we run and then do planks! OMyGosh I LOVE IT! Running outside in the brissk Cali morning is like the BEST THING EVER! I Love it. No elevation to make me loose my breathe and feel like a fatty! hahahah.
Planning at night takes sooooo long. I'm not used to that either. We're both really new to the area so we're trying to find new people to teach and trying to make effective use of our time and not waste miles on the car. That's HARD! Cause I have NO idea where anything is yet. Having our own car is a blessing though. I feel spoiledddd!!
We live with a sweet little old lady in our ward and we call her grandma! hahahaha. She's soooooo funny. It's sooo nice to be in a house with our own big bathroom and kitchen. It feels like I live in paradise. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL here.
It's sooo cute how there's like produce and fruit stands on so many corners. I LOVE IT.
I don't know what else to say... my minds like running a million miles per hour, and I'm having email anxiety writing ... haha! I'll just write a nice long letter with good details in it that makes sense and it's not just a ton of rambling.
Conference was really good. I loved being able to sit there and actually WATCH IT!
I hate being around Elders... I'll never get used to it. Everyone's sooo obedient & I LOVE that. It's weird not knowing everyone, and I feel like super odd and outta place... I'll get used to it all eventually. I'll never like being around Elders though...ew.
I kinda miss Temple Square a little, but only because I was comfortable there and knew everything going on. Outbound is great though and such a new experience so that's great :)

Sis Hansen
Check it ouutt! Macaroons straight from Paris in the same day!!!

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