Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4 / 14 Day 245 Miracle Aid

 Happy Easter ! Emily mailed these pics home last week.  Thought I'd share. 
Soo many Cherry Blossoms!
Right before leaving Temple Square for Fresno.
Oh my gosh! I love being a missionary and witnessing miracles. 
Sister Egbert and I are so determined to find as many people as we can, to talk to everyone, and to help someone be baptized this month! We've decided in order to make all these things possible we need to do everything in our power to have the spirit with us. So we started an 18 day fast, for the rest of April we are fasting from Music in the Car, we will have a model home & model car, be to bed ON TIME, and follow every rule with exactness. And we decided we would fast every Sunday so that we can have the spirit STRONG! Honestly, fasting is something I feel I don't have the best testimony of yet, so I'm grateful for this goal we've set. I'm already seeing the miracles that come when we literally put the Lord and His work FIRST... before our selves and our own wants. Putting off the natrual man is hard, self mastery is such a challenge but it's 100% possible and I've seen just a little bit about how it all works this week!!!!
Sister Egbert and I at the mission office.

We did so many great things this week. 
Taught the teachers at mutual, taught the laurels in young womans on Sunday. Knocked a million doors trying to find new investigators, which totally happened! We've got so many potentials it's GREAT! What I've learned about Clovis though, is that people get sooo annoyed when you knock on their door, but if you contact them when they're outside they're like the kindest people ever! haha. So we find EVERYONE outside and GO FOR IT:)! 
But one of the greatest days this week was when literally every single one of our prayers got answered some how. We were knocking doors and visiting members. It was SOOOOOO Hot outside, like 95 degrees. We were so sweaty. We were craving some nice refreshing lemonade sooo bad. Sister Egbert even prayed for it before we visited a member. Then we had like an hour before dinner and planned to find people just didn't know where to go. I felt prompted that we should go to the member's neighborhood where we were eating. So we parked allll the way down their street and got out and started walking, but I thought, No Sister, we need to go over there (to the other end of the neighborhood) we started to walk and I could see this house from like super far away, pointed and said "that's the one" so we get there and magically there is the coolest old man outside working on some project. We take interest in what he's doing and he tells us all about how he restores sail boats and sells them! Of course I WAS LOVING it cause you all know how much I LOVE the beach. He said to us "You know what's the biggest compliment Sisters... when someone takes interested in someone elses interest and that's exactly what you've done. So let me be honest with you. I've been a horrible guy almost all my life. I was addicted to drugs alchool and that whole scene. But one day I dediced to change my life around and guess who's the person who helped me all along the way... my Mormon friend Ally. I appreciate your church very much.   I attend AA meetings all the time. I was actually there last night."  Sister Egbert and I were shocked that he opened up to us like that. We told him what our purpose was as missionaries and why we came out. Sister Egbert had a prompting to show him a picture of Jesus Coming to the Americas... You know the famous pass along card we give out. Then he got goose pumps EVERYWHERE. Sister Egbert asked him, do you have goose pumps?!  And he said, "Wow, ya I dooo."  So we asked, WHY? and he said, " You know it's just one of those God things!" It was sooo cute. We taught him that that was the spirit! Can't wait to go visit him again tomorrow. 
Then we were late to dinner cause of talking to him and guess what was on the table when we got there. THE MOST DELUXE LEMONADE EVER! Friends... God answers prayers!!! Especially when we're doing all in our power to serve him. See He cares about the silly little details of our lives too. Even blessing us with yummy lemonade! I know that's such a silly thing, but we freaked out! That's also something I've learned the past 8 months... to appreciate the little things in life. Like fresh squeezed deluxe yummy lemonade, or all the BEAUTIFUL California Sunsets, or all the pretty roses that are allll over Clovis. 
Man I wish I had time to tell more of the miracles we've experienced this week. But I know they've come because we've been working soooo hard to be worthy of the spirit! I'm soooo grateful for the promptings I received and followed this week! ITS AMAZING!!!
Sister Hansen

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