Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4 / 21 Day 252 Some Weeks are Rough

Well... I'm feeling super challenged by trying to express the things that are happening, and the things that I'm seeing, in a reasonable way for this blog.  I've realized that I'm just not able to express the miracles that I'm seeing everyday. I'm going to really have to ponder how to do better with this. Some weeks are just rough.
What happens the first time Sister Hansen attempts
to ride a bike to save miles.
This week we had Zone Conference. I learned A LOT. President is soo motivating and seriously amazing! I guess that's what happens when your mission president was a national rugby coach before becoming a mission president!! :)
So, remember the MIRACLE last week when we found that man working in his yard and then we got our miracle Lemonade?  Well, the miracles continue! HE CAME TO CHURCH this week!! I'm kind of nervous though because his wife still doesn't know and she def didn't know he came to church. haha. 
Our miracle lemonade.

I also went on exchanges this week with the Sister Training Leader! We found the coolest potential family! Really excited to go see them again tomorrow. 
I wanna go pick strawberries!
Fresh Strawberries Stand!

I'm still trying to adjust to a new mission and new mission culture. Not gonna lie it's been REALLY HARD! & I will NEVER EVER EVER  like being around Elders. Ughhhh. That will be nice to be back in Temple Square with just Sisters (Never thought I would EVER say that).
Can't believe I've pretty much hit my half way mark! WEIRD! 
Brody is going to be such a good Missionary!
Cole Keesler, cutests kid alive ... offering to give us doughnuts!

Hope it was a great Easter! 
Everyone watch this video... brings tears to my eyes everyime. 

-Sister Hansen

Popsicles Save the Day

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