Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4 / 29 Day 259 You Pick and Chews

Let me begin by explaining my Title...

At the Hamels Lake

To be honest I've been struggling a ton lately. I don't know why when things get rough it's just like a down poor of trials. I love my companion, I do, but we don't always see eye to eye and it gets super rough at times. I've learned so much about just doing your best and that's all God expects, but my companion really doesn't see it that way. She's got OCD pretty severe and it's hard to handle because I NEVER live up to what she expects of me. So we went to the doctor this week to figure out what's been going on with her skin. She's breaking out and her skin itches or something. She can't leave it alone so she has scabs every where. The doctor told her she's doing it all to herself. With her OCD she just picks at her skin and then the break out spreads and isn't ever going to get better until she stops.

Sister Egbert at the doctor's.

You Pick and Chews your battles pretty much explains my week. She won't stop picking her skin and she yells at me every time I bite my nails in the car. I guess I'm learning patience patience patience. And realizing how lucky I am to be so layed back about things. I mean if any of you knew me before you would know how big of a deal things would be to me sometimes. But ya def not that way anymore. I've just realized that I'M NEVER going to be perfect, especially as a missionary, so who the heck cares if I'm imperfect every once and a while... well all the time actually, haha.

Doing Service... ew .... Caught a frog!
Despite all that, the work has been going off the charts here in Clovis. Even though I'm struggling and my companion is struggling, God is still sending us miracles and trusting us enough to be able to do His work the best we can. I've hardly told you about anyone we're teaching or anything that's going on
because email composition is just annoying because of having No Time, to be honest.  I'd rather write a million letters. But let me just give you all a brief summary.... I'm feeling a little bad that I haven't shared much.

Bill... he's the lemonade miracle dude! He is loving everything that the gospel brings to him and all the knowledge he's gaining, but his wife is just soo against the church still. Says we can meet with him and teach him, but if he gets baptized, they're over.  Found out that her Mom used to be a member, not sure if she was baptized. Either way, something bad happened, and how she does NOT like the church. We're praying for her heart to soften. He is just such a funny man! We love him. He was acutally like famous in the softball world... his nickname is "Whip!" ahaha. He taught us how to play the guitar this week. hahaah. I STINK!
Bill teaching me to play guitar!

The Ladearious Family... O my heavens! They are soooo prepared. Here I am again not having enough time to tell you details. Basically they have been sterotyped as mormons their whole lives cause they're
I found a kitty in the middle of the road!!
just that sweet :) Their 12 year old daughter is going to girls camp this summer:) We're teaching them tonight again. I'm sooo excited.

There are so many amazing people that we've been able to meet and help. We've been working a lot with the less active and part member families in our ward too.
Maybe I can share some more people next week.

I can't believe I'm 20... ew that's weird! haha. I don't feel old enough. I kinda don't want to not be a teenager.

Sister Hansen

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