Friday, March 21, 2014

3 - 20 / Day 220 New Investigators to the MAXIMUM!

Hello Everyone!

We've gotten so much done this week! It's great :) Idk how but we've gotten soooo many new investigators this week. We have like 22 people we need to teach! Can I just tell you HOW EXCITED I AM for this! yayyyy. There's nothing better than teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to every single person you can.

We had some awesome training from the missionary department this week. On Wednesday, we had a leadership training, and today, we had a big mission training! The Missionary Department is seriously GREAT! Sister Cadom is a gem, she helped with making the district videos and the dress and grooming. She's sooo on the ball with everything. And motivated us sooo much to internalize our purpose and always remember that we have such great opportunities to do just that here in Temple Square. Idk what was in the air this week but my companion and I were sooo happy pretty much all week long. I mean I'm generally happy almost always, but that's something that my companion struggles with a lot but this week has changed leaps and bounds to what has been going on in the past. FINALLY. haha! It's so much better to be around someone 24/7 when they're happy and not stressed out and so hard on themselves & if you think about it, we are here to be like Christ, to represent Him. So we need to be happy... we need to think of others before we think about ourselves. I know I'm here as a missionary to help bring others the same happiness I have... to invite them to let the gospel change their lives. I can't think of a better invitation to give anyone than to learn more about Christ and his church and come closer to Him and in turn they're able to receive AMAZING & eternal blessings. How lucky I am to be part of such an amazing work! I don't like the term work, it seems daunting and hard. Missionary work is "work" but it's great work, positive work, happy work, joyful work... work work work!

I'm sooo excited to teach all these new people.

Sandra is getting baptized on MARCH 30th! yayyyy. And Bradley is still enjoying all of his learning and going to church. Everytime after church he say's we've gotta come back! Gabe loved learning this past week how God loves him and that he came from him. I'm praying that they get to adopt that sweet boy!!

We got to take VIP tour yesterday with President Hinckley's son & wife with the ambassador from Hungary! That was pretty cool. I mean Elder Hinckley kinda took over, but whatever, it was still cool to be there! And meet President Hickleys son! Looks just like him! haha.

I've been on exchanges a lot this week with the Sisters in my District! It was great. I feel like it helped me a lot to understand them better and know how I can fulfill my purpose to help them! They're all such amazzzing missionaries!

Can't believe again I'm going into the last week of this transfer. It's UNREAL how quickly the time goes by. I'm anxious to find out if i'll be going outbound. But whatever happens happens & I'm trusting in the Lord as always!

We also saw Quintin L Cook the other day! haha It was awesome. He saw us smiling at him and he waved back and kinda laughed cause he saw how excited we were to see him! haha.

I'm convinced that when the SUN comes out the apostles come out! That's 2 in one transfer!

We barely missed Elder Holland the other day in the Joseph Smith building too.... what the heck is up with that?! hahah

I also had the coolest French tour (she spoke English too though) when I was on exchanges with Sister Gariki from Tahiti. This lady's Sister was a fashion/wedding dress designer and she had her own boutique in Paris! SOOO COOOL!! I want Kayleigh to teach her when she's back in France. This lady was the sweetest & SOOO open. After showing her God's plan and asking her what she thought about it she said "It's true, it's true. Completely superb actually." Her uncle is actually a member and a bishop of one of my most favorite Frenchies here in the mission! haha.


Can't wait to see my family!!!!! YAY. For serving in Temple Square haha. 
Have a wonderful week & HAPPY SPRING. 

-Sister Hansen

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