Friday, November 15, 2013

11-12 / Day 91 God is a God of Miracles.

This week has been a little bit nuts! The whole mission is putting on a performance tonight for all the surrounding missions and visitors and so we've had crazy early morning rehersals ALL Week LONG! And of course, all The Sisters are getting wayy to overly stressed about it! So President decided he would let us sleep in this morning! 

We got to sleep in till 8, & oh my goodness did my body need that! :)

All our investigators are doing pretty good! 
Carlos: Is just preparing for his baptism! He shared his lil sweet testimony with us this past week... This is what he said,

     Carlos: "A year ago I wasn't really happy & not making the best choices, wasn't very nice, a lot      more mean. I didn't like it. I didn't like the people I hung out with, and I wasn't comfortable. When I hung out with my new friends I felt a better connection, and when I was given the BOM I felt something so special that I wanted in my life forever."

     Sisters: How have you seen a difference? 

     Carlos:  I'm SUCH a happy person now! I help my family and I'm so close with my parents! I have more peace, since I have more love!  I see a big difference in myself and a lot of others recognize it too." 
So cool to hear him bear his testimony! 
Paul: HOLY COW WHERE TO START!? He came on chat basically asking to be baptized, and I didn't wanna believe he was real cause it was too good to be true. I got all his info and we taught him for the first time yesterday! HE'S AMAZING! He grew up in Utah, but never wanted to accept the church cause he thought it was crazyy. But in the past month or so, his work schedule has really slowed down and he's had a lot of time to ponder about life and the things he believes and knows. During all his "pondering" he had the overwhelming almost annoying and nagging feelings that he needed to go to the Temple! He didn't wanna believe it cause he thought it was crazy. He opened up the Book of Mormon and started to read it again (I guess he's read it in the past).  This time he just really loved what he was reading! He was at a work conference in Boston.  Afterwards, the traffic was insane and he knew the temple was only a few miles away, so he decided to finally act on his prompting and just go sit in the temple! So he got there and told the Temple greeter what we was doing... the Temple worker told him he could just go sit in a chair in the lobby.  Paul said he stayed there for a good 3 hours just reading and reading and reading the BOM.  He got to Mosiah 7:33 and knew that was his answer! He needed to be baptized and there was no way he was going to deny the straight answer God had given him! WOAHHHH! Insane! He left for a business trip to Germany today and will be attending church there. We're going to teach him over email these next two weeks that he's gone & then prepare him for baptism when he gets back! WOW. 
The coolest part about all this was that yesterday I was reading in the BOM in Mormon 5-9 (which is my all time favoritest part of the BOM) and it talks all about how God is a God of miracles.  THEN THE PAUL STORY HAPPENS THE SAME DAY! 
Trevor: Well this girl named Claudia (FROM CHILE, soo coooool) got on chat and referred this guy to us cause he found her "mormon girl blog" haha. So we started teaching him and he's literally the biggest dork I've ever met in my life! haha. Okay, that's mean I know, but really it's almost funny how crazy he is.  But he is SO INTO THE BIBLE like he's almost Anti! He's so hard to teach cause all he wants to do is contradict and say what "he believes from the Bible" which is all a little bit crazy and sooo weird. Like not what the Bible teaches at all. Anyways this past lesson we had with him we were pretty straight up. Sister Hale put him and his place and said,  "Look, if you want to know if this church is true, you need to stop telling us what you think of the Bible. Cause it's not what we believe at all." (In the most loving way, of course) He really needed just a lil tiny push to shut up! hahaha. But his walls are SLOWLY SLOWLY coming down. We're hoping we can continue to help him, but we only can if his heart is in the right place. We'll see what happens next week!
Goodness the work is moving forward at such an alarming rate! It almost scares me sometimes cause I don't know what to make of all these crazy prepared people (well not Trevor, exactly, but everyone else).  It's like I'm not even doing anything.  God has done His job preparing and He's just asking us to prepare them just that tiny tiny bit more! 
I know I tell you all how much I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES every week! BUT OMyGoodness, my love for the scriptures has grown ten-fold. I regret so much not reading them the way I should have before my mission. I always knew the Book of Mormon was true, but I didn't love it.  I didn't know the amazing power it holds! Personal study is one of my favorite times of the day! Sister Hale & I always love sharing what we learned. I don't know what I'm going to do when she's not my companion anymore. We've learned so much from each other and honestly she's one of my best friends... like for life:) 
Other than that, I don't know what else to share! This gospel brings SO MUCH JOY into my life! I regret not living it as much as I should have before... I was truly missing out! 
Love you alllll
Here's this super cool video everyone should watch! I LOVE THIS MISSION!! haha.
-Sister Hansen

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