Tuesday, November 5, 2013

11 - 5 / Day 84 The First Snow!

It snowed yesterday & today!!!!!! 

All the lights are getting put up and there's snow everywhere! SO BEAUTIFUL! Sister Hale & I just freak out anytime we see them testing the lights and all that goodness! Yippppiiiiee!!

I don't even know where to begin with my week. Halloween was fun, we had a mission party that night since no one was allowed on the square and got to watch Narnia. 

But you know me... weird with movies sometimes. So Sister Tiritilli & I didn’t watch it, and just talked with the cutest Senior Couple in our mission (The Frosts) we asked them all the questions we have a hard time with in the gospel, and talked about eternal marriage.... It was such an uplifting conversation and I learned so much from them! They're like my grandparents here! Such a blesssing to have them here the whole time I'm serving.

All our investigators are moving along... sorta! We're trying our best to be good missionaries and do all we can to help them but sometimes you just don't know where to turn next!

Carlos: IS GETTING BAPTIZED NOVEMBER 23! He's so awesome. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation this week and everything clicks in his head so simply. We literally don't even have to do anything! He just loves it all and soaks everything in! He's so happy to be baptized by his best friend. He even got up in sacrament and bore his testimony! AHHH!! :)

Sydni: We met her on chat and she just recently moved to Amarillo TX from Denver where she was taking the missionary discussions... She came on asking how she could be taught again because she wants to be baptized! We've called her a few times and she's a pretty cool lady. She’s been through a lot of trials in her life and just really wants to be forgiven of everything and start anew.

David H: I've been teaching him since I like first got here. He's a hard cookie!!!! He just can't get past
the fact that he has to pray to know if The BOM is true, if Joseph Smith was a real prophet and the whole thing, ya know.  And so Sister Hale and I finally were so straight up with him and said, “David, we can promise you the only way you will know that this church is true and right for you, is if you pray specifically and ask God! And so right then we said, "David will you say a prayer right now?" He was like, “Whattt?! Noooo! Come on!” And then he did it! MOST HEART FELT PRAYER I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED! Sister Hale & I had tears in our eyes!!! One of the hardest things about teaching him is that it always feels like the spirit isn’t there. But because of his prayer we were all so overwhelmed with the spirit no one knew what to say after! IT WAS SO COOL! I can't wait to talk to him later this week and see how things went after his experience!

Buckley: Well............ he's gone! :( We had to drop him because he texted us some pretty nasty things that were like SO not okay for us to even be looking at. Pretty sad! But I really do know that we did all we could to help him. And, that it's all in the Lords hands now! We actually had to get his number blocked because of everything he did! Pretty hard to just have to let everything you've done go down the drain.

It's been a crazy week... I don't even know how to sum it up & I don't know what else to say! But I can say how grateful I am for the hard times Heavenly Father is giving me. I know he gives us trials and challenges because he sees so much more in us! I love my mission I LOVE MY MISSION! It's sooo hard & some days I don't really know what to do or what to say, but that's exactly why I'm so grateful for the spirit!!! Because without it I couldn't be doing this work!!

-Sister Hansen

Packages and pictures from home are the Besssssttt !!!

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