Monday, December 9, 2013

11-29 / Day 108 Hope Everyone Had a Happy Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving as a missionary is weird, I guess any holiday will be, actually. There isn't much to update on since I wrote on Tuesday of this week, and today is actually the day after Thanksgiving as I'm writing. We had transfers this week and my new p day will be Friday.
So, I was so sad to not be with all the family on Thanksgiving, but also super excited for all the fun stuff they had planned for us! We got to go to this huge event center called Noahs.

It's a 3 story building, the top floor was ice skating and Christmas crafts, the second floor was movie theatres with like 3 different options playing and volley ball or Raquet Ball courts, the bottom floor was a huge dance area with REAL MUSIC, and a huge game room with pool and ping pong.

We basically just partied from 2-9!!!! It felt wayy too good to dance(for literally 2 hrs straight) and ice skate and just do fun stuff. I have no idea how they went about feeding 200 Sister Missionaries a delicious Turkey Dinner... with left overs! That's pretty darn impressive!

My new companion is the sweetest thing. She's pretty shy so it will be an adjustment for me for sure, I mean you know how i am... CRAZY. And I don't want to scare her and talk too much. She has a very big heart though.

It's weird to not be around Sister Hale. I miss her like crazy!!! I got to my new Zone Wednesday morning and when I sat down waiting for my new compi to come I just started crying cause it really hit that she wasn't my companion anymore. Ya, I know.... I'm a baby! But I really LOVE HER! haha.

THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS TURN ON TONIGHT! I'm sooooooo excited but scared too. This place is gonna be a mad house for the next month!

Love you all & hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
-Sister Hansen


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