Saturday, December 14, 2013

12 - 13 / Day 122 My Life Was Changed This Week

Well we've had some awesome things we were a part of this week:
1. We had our mission tour where Elder Clark (a member of the 70) came and talked to our mission! It was like a half a day thing & it was LIFE CHANGING! It gave me sooo much motivation and just made me truly so happy to be a missionary at this time! I would LOVE to share some of the awesome insight he gave BUT, I left my notes at home & don't have much time to write this email!

2. Elder Quintin L. Cook just decided he wanted to come our SACRAMENT MEETING this past week! hahh whattt! We were all sitting down and president was about to stand up and open the meeting and here Elder Cook and his wife just come walking in & he goes & sits right up on the stand & Sister Cook sat right behind me! haha President was cracking up and shaking his head! The poor sisters were scared to death to speak! haha. He was so nice & just had the HUGEST smile on his face the whole meeting long.
3. We got to attend The Christmas Devotional & it was AMAZING! I loved it soooo much. If you haven't watched it PLEASE DO! Elder Nelson was my favorite!!! I also I loved Music & The Spoken Word this week it was SO good on Sunday! So many fun Christmas songs & the BYU mens Tennis Team came to watch it too (random) But we get to go the Motab's Christmas Concert on Sunday & I'm soooo excited.
4. This morning my zone got to go to a special needs school here in Utah and put on a HUGE Christmas program for them. The looks on all their faces when Santa came in was the sweetest thing. I had chills the whole time cause their little sweet spirits just touched my heart. Afterwards, we got to go into their classrooms and just help out! It was soo soo sweet! I fed a little girl named Kristy her lunch. Then, I just went over and sat with one of the sweet girls and held her hand while their teachers tried to teach them! It was so so tender. I just had the strongest feeling in my heart of how much the Lord loved each and every one of them even though they may be different, it doesn't matter to the Lord... they are his very special precious children! (Pictures to come next week...get ready, it was SO fun) Here's just a couple pics of me and Sister Nakamatsu.

Sister Nakamatsu and I at the School for Special Needs. ; )

Thats about all the fun actitvities I can think of....

Ben is getting BAPTIZED tomorrow & we get to go! Sister Hale too:) I'm sooo excited to actually be able to be there at one of my investigators baptism instead of getting pictures later on! OH MAN:) Pics to come of that next week too. He's so excited! I've hardly even shared about him but he's a pretty cool kid with a rad testimony of the gospel. I think he has more doctrinal knowledge than me! haha.

Bens Baptism!!

Anywho, love you all .... thanks for all the support & LOVE!



-Sister Hansen

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