Friday, January 3, 2014

12 - 20 / Day 129 SNOWED IN !!

                              Oh my goodness! Where to even start with this ridiculous week I just had!
Friday 13th: Well the AP's pulled us into their office to find out I was getting a new companion and she was coming from the MTC & I was training her!!! WOAAHHH! I was soooo excitedddddd. But sooo scared.

awww bye bye Sister Nakamatsu... :(
Saturday 14th: We got to go to Ben's Baptism! It was sooooo great! Seeing someone you taught actually be baptized was so special. Actually getting to see it and feel of the spirit there & not just get pictures! YAY:) Then after we got to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choirs Christmas Concert! It was raddddd. (Mom & Dad you should buy the DVD when it comes out.)

Christmas Set up in the Conference Center

Monday 16th:  
I got my lil babyyy! haha jk she's not a baby! But I love her! Sister Vasconcelos is from Brazil and is soo sassy & funnn. We're always chatting and getting lots done. Her new sister fire is GREAT!!!! Sisters from the MTC bring such a strong spirit about them and are sooo motivated to do everything, I LOVE IT! It's not slow passed at all anymore, I'm happy about that. Training is a really big challenge though, it's lots of fun but also lots of pressure. I feel like I've gotta be on 24/7 no time for messing up or doing things wrong cause I'm the example. I want her to learn from me and I want to learn from her too. She really is the sweetest thing though. I came into my room yesterday morning before leaving and she had left a little note next to my bed with a cute lil braclet that said, "Love you so much & thanks for training me!" OMG I died. Soo sweeeeeeeettt
                                          My trainie & The Gillettes (I'm gonna miss them when they leave next month)

Inside the Conference Center organ!!!
Wednesday 18th: 

We had a fun filled day too. We got to go on an Organ Recital Tour to see the behind the scenes of the Conference Center and the Tabernacle. SOOO neat! I didn't know how ridiculous organs were.. mind blown! & then that night we got to go eat at a members home! It was sooooooo nice!!! & their RM son was actually AP in one of my friend's missions. So funny. The food was great, their dogs were adorable, and It felt soooo strange to be in a real home. Outbound should be a blast!

Playing the Tabernacle Organ.  I'm sooo good!  . . . . Notttt! JkJk

                                        Just directing the Choir in the Conference Center nbd hahah jk

Our District eating at the Lash's home !

(yesterday) 19th: 
We got to hear from Sister Burton(RS General President) in the Relief Society Building! She gave such a great inspiring lesson on woman who have made a difference in our lives. It gave me such great motivation to continue to keep growing & learning so that I can become that woman to someone else some day. Then we got SNOWED IN! The square had to shut down because so many people were falling on the ice and getting hurt and the snow plows couldn't keep up cause the storm was so crazy! IDLE TIME STINKS. I HATE IT!!!!!! I could hardly even take a nap cause my body isn't used to it. We just all hung out and it was weird but nice! haha.

Putting up Christmas Lights in the House with Sister Peterssss

I found this stupid lil Christmas tree in Sister Peters apartment.
She died laughing and put it on my head.
#Lovely headwear  # Hideous Headwear

The Star on top of the Christmas Tree (THANKS MOMMM)
I can't believe it's almost Christmas! So crazy. Time goes by soooo fast. This time next month I'll only have a year left! Woahhh. haha jk that's a really long time. But I'm glad cause I've still got lots to learn and lots to accomplish. I'm so happy to be training... I feel like it's more for me than Sister Vasconcelos cause it's really humbling. All your weaknesses come out & it's ridiculous.

Hope everyones doing good! I LOVE YOU ALL! 



Sister Hansen

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