Thursday, January 30, 2014

1 - 29 - 14 / Day 169 A Week of Laughter

A Sunny Day -- WHAT A MIRACLE!

Okay seriously... I LOVE MY COMPANION. I've never laughed sooo hard during my mission than I do with her. Everything that happens to us is just ridiculously hilarious. To the point, during companionship study yesterday, I fell to the floor crying & laughing sooo hard 'cause she thought we were having an earthquake when the lamp fell! HAHA. Or when I almost got hit by a car 'cause I was too busy talking to her that I didn't look at the car flying down the street, and she tried to warn me, but couldn't think of words fast enough and then I walked out in front of the car & just SCREAMED "ahahhah!!!!!" the driver must have died laughing seeing my face.  Okay this probably isn't funny at all to read.. guess you just had to be there! :) Moral of the story is I LOVE how much fun we have together & how much work we always get done. When my brothers told me... have fun, but work hard and your mission will be the best EVER. It's true. The best times on the mission are when you're having fun and working your booty off. 
What we do when no one answers.

What we do when everyone answers their phones!!
(And no making fun of us.  We matched on accident.)

We've gotten a ton of new investigators in the past 2 weeks & they're all just great! I'll share a few.

SANDRA: She came on Chat asking about what happens to us when we go to Heaven. She found out about our church because she was internet researching whether we could have kids in heaven since she isn't able to here in this life. We shared with her a little bit about the plan of salvation, and she said it brought tears to her eyes knowing that she lived with God before she came here & knowing how much He loves her brought her so much peace. I shared that awesome quote by Elder Holland..." some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don't come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come." She said it's her new life motto & we're calling her for the first time tomorrow! SO EXCITED. And she's actually in Corinne Woomer's mission, so I'm praying it's in her area & we can teach her together! YAY!

STEPHEN: He came on chat asking for where to read conference talks, so I told him to look on hahah, but I wanted to get to know him and see if there was anything else we could do to help him. So I asked him a couple questions and came to find out that he had taken all the discussions before, but stopped because he didn't think the church was for him. But he is now realizing how important the teachings of the gospel are. He sees how corrupt the world is getting, and then he always ponders about the lessons that the missionaries taught him. He has Cerebral Palsy, and has a deep love and belief in God because of it. He knows Gods the only one who has comforted him and helped him through all his life trials and physical trials. We invited him to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon before we called him next and he said, "no thanks, I'll read all of Nephi instead," ahahah OKAY SIR Not gonna complain with that! hahah We're calling him on Friday! :)

PAUL is back: He finally answered his phone & went to church this past Sunday. And didn't just go to church by himself, but brought his whole family with him! YAY. He's wife was soo closed off to the church before, but she said to him this week " I really love how family centered that Mormon church is. I guess I'll come along with you. And we should bring Andrew (their son) with us 'cause he needs a good strong youth group to be apart of." Paul is already wanting to be baptized of course, we're just trying to get him on date.... & maybe his family now too! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN :)

And, I've been able to get a hold of some people I've been dying to talk to who never answered their phones in the past! YESS:)

Pretty Reflection Pool
The Recent Converts are doing GREAT:
Myriam got her Temple Recommend two days ago... and was complaining to us on the phone the other day about how she can never get her school work done 'cause she's too busy & happy reading the scriptures... hahah! If only all of us could have problems like that :)

Ben has been called to be his ward mission leader & is STOKED about it. He got his patriarchal blessing on Sunday and shared some stuff with us. AMAZING. He's already got 3 lessons to help out with this week :)
This quote by Thomas S Monson just keeps popping back into my head this week every time I start to feel tired or annoyed.. "Shall I Falter... or Shall I Finish" I just think of how much I've learned & grown since being here & I'm soooo grateful. This gospel brings so much eternal happiness into my life & into soo many other peoples lives as well.


-Sister Hansen

Ishmael: Miracle Baptism in Brasil.

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