Sunday, January 12, 2014

1 - 8 / Day 148 Spiritual Highs

Sister Vasconcelos and I at the Christus.

These past few days have just been FILLED with the spirit! I don't know what's in the water, or what I did to get all this, but I've just been SOOO happy this week & just so filled with the spirit!!!! Everywhere I turn it's just amazing experiences & great lessons! The square actually isn't that dead yet & I hope it's like this for at least a little bit longer because we've been seeing some awesome miracles and soo much opportunity to teach!


I can't believe it's the start of another transfer & that I've almost been here for 6 months... I feel like I just got here! I feel like I was just in Sister Vasconcelos' shoes being trained and trying to get used to how everything works (she's a complete tender mercy from the Lord, I love every little piece of her haha). Before I know it this whole mission is going to be over, and I'm going to be crying on my bed at home wanting to sign into chat and answer people's questions about the gospel and wanting to take people around the square and bridge everything to gospel principles! hahah. I love being a missionary, I've never felt such a feeling of peace and joy ever in my life!

Our Zone this past transfer. 

We've taught sooo much this week & it feels sooo good! Finally no more crazy holiday schedules! yahoo.
Paul: Wow I haven't talked about him in ages. Because he's been so dang busy and hard to get ahold of! We taught him the Plan of Salvation this week and he loved every bit of it and practically taught half the lesson himself! We asked him what 2014 looks like for him & in his exact words, "Well getting baptized is #1 on the list." YAY! We committed him to a baptismal date of Jan 25th!! He's such a cool dude and it's just amazing to see a total business man that is crazy busy actually take time to love reading the scriptures and just crave spiritual experiences! He's gonna be a strong member... hopefully one day his wife will be too.

Myriam: She is the sweetest girl ever! She goes to school in Saint George and has just loved being friends with members of the church. She has such a strong testimony of the gospel already and wants to be baptized really bad.. But I think she's just scared to take that final leap of faith. We have enjoyed becoming her friends, her spirit is so strong! We committed her to baptism on Jan 18th! I WISH WE COULD GO!
I think the hardest thing about teaching over the phone is not being able to be there in person when the people you've been teaching are having all these amazing experiences or actually being able to see them get baptized! But getting pics is sooo fun:) haha.
This is what I do to Sis Hales when I miss her ...  find her
in the lounge & jump in her lap when she's trying
to study,  hahaha!!!

Loved seeing these lil beauties in one of my
fav places to be!!!

I love being a missionary sooo much... I love seeing the way that I am able to progress in the gospel too and how much my faith and testimony has been strengthened through all the trials and struggles I've been through. At times when I feel like I'm not helping anyone or hardly have any progressing investigators, I'm so happy to know that I'm the Lord's progressing investigator too! I have so much to learn & so much to get done, so much change I want to have happen because I am WAY to far from perfect!

My heart is crushed that half my mission buddies are outbound now, and some of my favs just went home, and we have to say goodbye to President and Sister Gillette this week! That's going to be really hard, they have brought sooo much joy to this mission! & everything is probably going to change a ton this transfer.. But I'm definitely ready for it and ready to just WORK HARD!
I love you all!!!!!!
-Sister Hansen

Thanks for the cleaning gloves Mom!  Transfer clean checks
were a breeze with those things!!  I conquered the whole world
with them on : ) haha!  Love you!!

Love the Skidmores to pieces and miss having time
with those kiddos!  So glad they made it to the
square -- and bearing gifts, too!!!!

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