Sunday, January 12, 2014

1-3 / Day 143 What A Whirlwind!

Explore Day for Sister Vasconcelos!!

Our Fun 1/2 day at BYU Museum of Art!

This week has been crazy... but that's nothing new! We got to go to the BYU Art Museum and it was AMAZING!!!!! I was so grateful to be able to go & see all those amazing paintings of the Savior! Such a spiritual experience.

I don't know what has happened this week but chat has been FULL of trollers and pranks! One night there was literally hundreds of immature teenagers on chat just saying the nastiest things & trying to waste our time! But some awesome miracles came from it. Some guys came on telling us about all these punks that would be on. They found our chat link on some stupid website and after every conversation they would post the results back on the website. Anyways the ppl who came on to inform us had read over some of the conversations and saw the way we had handled everyone and were sooo impressed and then they were actually curious and wanting to learn about the church! AWESOME:) haha.

Our investigators are doing okay! It's just a hard time of the year to have people sit still long enough to have a lesson over the phone with you. But luckily everything will slow down here soon and people will be back to a normal schedule. 
David H from England: WOW, he is so difficult! haha. He has made so many amazing changes since he's started his journey in learning about the church, but just doesn't really want to keep going. It's breaking my heart that he's so close to giving up instead of just taking this last little leap of faith! We had a pretty straight up lesson with him and told him, "Look what it all comes down to right now for you is, if the BOM is true.  Will you pray about it?  We will call you on Monday and see if you still want to talk to us."  I am so scared he's just going to give up and say forget it all thanks for everything bye! I don't know what it is, but you learn to love these people so so much and just thinking about not teaching him anymore makes me so sad! We're gonna need a mighty miracle and a mighty change of heart here! 

I don't know who else to share about but the work is going forward and we have lots of people to bring this gospel to that's for sure! haha. To be honest I've been struggling lately, but I just keep trying to press forward. There are days when I just feel like giving up and coming home, but I know that God is only preparing amazing things to come & I just gotta keep pushing harder on the bad days! I have gained such a strong testimony of the Lord while I've been here. I know that this work is bigger than me and bigger than I can handle and that it the perfect setting for me to learn to rely and trust in the Lord! I'm grateful for all the things I've been able to learn & I know it's only going to continue. 
I can't believe it's the NEW YEAR & I'm in my only full year as a missionary! Years go by so so fast & I'm scared this time next year is going to roll around faster than I realize & then I'll be coming home wishing I could have done more and worked harder! SO I've set lots of new years resolutions and have LOTS I want to accomplish this next year!

-Sister Hansen

Dead asleep on the train ride home
from the museum.  Sister Asay and I,
buddies from the MTC and always will be.

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