Monday, May 12, 2014

5 - 12 / Day 273 Oh the Struggles!

Hi Everyone,
Well I guess it's not even going to get easier out here. But whatever. I'm learning a lot and becoming more patient every day.
I literally don't have any time because I always wait till the end to email. I'm sorry. Everyone forgive me. Here's my week in a nutshell.
My companion told me I'm selfish and all I do is think of myself and talk about myself to everyone and even investigators. hmmm. okay. Tried to take that the best way I could and just think, "It's okay.  That's her opinion , doesn't mean it's actually true."  But I'll be honest it totally got to me. I cried myself to sleep cause I felt like such a big idiot!  I'm learning and learning!
All our investigators are doing good. Taught like everyone about the Word Of Wisdom. That was fun!
Okay.... out of time. Wow.
Sister Hansen

Showing up to former investigators houses
with guns out in the front lawn is SO FUN! haahah.

California Strawberries are THE BEST. Probably why God sent me to Clovis :)

Super Sweet Moon!!

crazyyy halo around the sun the other day! SO COOL!

Bill is the coolest Gpa ever! hahahaAdd caption
FACETIME with mama & pops is the best!!!

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