Monday, June 2, 2014

6 - 2 / Day 255 Spiritual Promptings!

It's been an insane week. 

We've had some incredible experiences! 

Felt pretty weird being at Shay's Graduation,
but we were happy to support our investigator.

I don't know what's going on, but everyone in Clovis wants to feed us... We've had dinners with non members all week! ahahha. Including BILLS WIFE. I don't know what her deal is. She loves us and feeds us yummy dinners, but is so against the church. O well... her heart will open someday. We're hoping sometime within the next 3 weeks, so Bill can be baptized before I leave. We set another baptismal date for June 13th. That's like his 30 years of sobriety date or something like that. So that would be cool!

Bill ... always playing guitar for us!
We had a crazy day on Friday. We have weekly planning on Fridays. So during the opening prayer Sis. Egbert & I both got separate promptings for Shay. Hers was that Shay needed to be baptized this week & mine was that she needed to be baptized when all her family was in town for her graduation. So right after that prayer we went to her house and told her about it. This is the morning of her graduation day. She said she'd think about it. Then we left and went home to do weekly planning. The second we sat down at home we thought, WHAT THE HECK ARE WE DOING HERE. So we went back to her house taught her the rest of the little simple stuff she needed to know and committed her to be baptized on Saturday (the next day) she said if she receives her confirmation before then, that she would. She then told us that for the past 4 days she hasn't been able to get the word baptism out of her head! YA, I THINK THAT'S AN ANSWER! haha. After that, we planned the whole baptism, went to her graduation that night. Then Saturday morning (the day of her baptism) we went to her house to make sure that she recieved her confirmation. She said she didn't feel ready. I just feel like it's because all her family has been pulling her in different directions and then her family was slaughtering and skining a sheep in their front yard during all of this. Ya, a little distracting. So we're hoping she will be baptized this coming weekend. Her waiting for a confirmation is like waiting for a train that already left. But it's better for her to be 100% sure instead of going inactive in a few months! 

Shay's cute little nieces!  I look soo white!
I have no more time. But it's been an awesome week. I'm hoping this makes sense cause I typed this in like 2 seconds.

Sister Egbert & I are getting a missionary from the MTC this week for training! WOOOHOOOO!! I'm excited to train a second time :)

Can't believe I go back to Temple Square in 3 weeks though. The time just flies by!

Love you all,

Sis Hansen
Cute little Yoli & I.  She's 80 from Hungary!

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