Tuesday, June 10, 2014

6 - 9 / Day 246 (left) Heat Stroke Coming Right Up

Okay... it's been over 100 these past few days and just to put it nicely.... I basically haven't stopped sweating all week. haha! What a joy :) But we work and work and work the heat doesn't stop us!
Sis Monson & I.  (Sorry it's dark.)

Our new companion's name is Sister Monson from Orem, Utah. She is the sweetest,cutestest, funniest li'l thing! Every time she introduces herself it's "Hi, I'm Sister Monson... No relation," it never gets old. Everyone thinks Tommy is like her Gpa or something. hahaha. It's been kind of a challenge to figure out how to balance our teaching since some of us(cough cough Sis Egbert) like to talk a lot. It's crazy having 3 sisters in one little tiny room. I'm sleeping on the floor with a crappy mattress, but that's okay! hahah. Over all it's been a pretty good week though. Some days are worse than others. But I always seem to find solutions. Even if it means taking a 30 min shower before bed singing 'Where Can I Turn For Peace' just to relax and be alone for a little while. hahah.

Well, where to start with the things that have happened this week.

Not sure if I ever emailed about Craig & Theressa... but here's the whole story.
We met Craig walking his dog after we had eaten dinner with a member. We asked if he knew anything about the BOM and he said "Yeah. I actually have one in my house, I should probably read it." To which we replied, "YOU SHOULD! When can we come by and meet your family and answer the questions you said you had?" 

So we set up a return appt.. but they were busy. So we set another. This past week we finally got to teach them! They are super solid and so sweet. Theressa's aunt is a member. And Theressa like loves Joseph Smith and has so much respect for him. 

Well we went back a few days later to meet with the members who live right by them.. when we were leaving their house we saw a fire truck like flying down the street and park right in front of Craig & Theressa's house. Then an ambulance and then like 7 cop cars!!!! It was straight craziness. They took Craig out on a stretcher!!! He had been working in the attic and must have passed out 'cause it's so stinkin hot and then fell through the ceiling and fell on the concrete garage floor. Layed there for hours until his wife got home from work and found him unconscious. CRAZY! Can't even image what that would have been like for her. That night we had plans to go to President Gelwix's farewell talk and on the way was the hospital Craig was at. Of course we stopped in to see how he was doing. The lady at the front was super hesitant to let us in because we weren't family, but after much convincing she let us in. As soon as we started to walk down the hall Theressa came walking down bawling. She was in complete hysterics. Couldn't even talk to us. Her Sis in Law told us the Craig was rushed into brain surgery due to massive bleeding. It's been a crazy week. The lastest update on Craig is that he is ALIVE, and improving. They just took his breathing tube out and he can only communicate through his hands! PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM.

Bill is still doing great! He is as crazy as ever. We fasted for his wife this week & we're seeing improvements. She is okay with him going to church now, so he doesn't have to sneak around. She told him to "be careful" ahahha. He said "You think I need to be careful at the Mormon church? ahha. I go to much scarier places each week than there." Gosh I'm gonna miss him so much.

Helping Bill clean the gutter.
Shay didn't want to come to church this week. Idk what's happening with her. But Satan is working hard. Hopefully she'll come this week though!

That's just about it. There's so much more I want to share, but I don't have enough time.

Training is hard when there's 2 trainers with 2 different opinions. Something I've learned is that I'm a total yielder I just do what Sister Egbert wants cause it's not worth the argument & hard feelings. It's annoying at times & it's probably not the best thing to do. But I figure I can try my hardest to just be the peacemaker.

Take Bill, for instance, there's a peace-maker for ya.

Our Relationship.

Sister Hansen

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