Thursday, August 14, 2014

8-11 / Day 184 Learning Learning Learning

What a fun and insane week it has been.
I am trying to get used to this new assignment. We spent so much time in the office fixing Sisters' schedules, and doing reports on the tours that have been taken, and things like that. I don't even know how to explain what we do. Basically the way things run is that the Assistants to the president are over missionary work and the Temple Square Coordinators are like Assistants to the president over everything else that happens on the square. So basically like mini Visitor's Center Directors. That's the easiest way to explain it. And to make things even crazier, President put all new sisters in West Gate and Guest Services. Most of them are ESL and so it's hard to understand them and hard to train them on how things work. 

To explain... West Gate is on the square and it's like a little information booth about Temple Square and the things people can do while visiting. The West Gate is also are responsible for sending out tours to Sisters for them to take. And reporting how many guests and members are parts of those tours. Guest Services is in the South Visitor's Center basement, and they are responsible for scheduling tours, so the 100s and 100s of visitors and tour buses that come, they schedule all of that and everything else that happens here. So, right now, none of the Sisters serving in either of these two places, have ever done it before. So, Sister Marsh & I have been over our eye balls with training them and making sure that things are reported and done right so that heck doesn't break loose here! haha. 

Luckily we found some time away from our office and training Sisters to actually be missionaries though.  Sister Marsh is like an African queen I'm convinced. Somehow they all just come to her and it's the best. I just love Africans and their culture. We're teaching like 6 people from Liberia! Oh my, they say the cutest things and are just so loving and humble. All of them have the deepest desire to come closer to God and Christ.  Jamah one of our favorites is getting baptized August 23rd. Crazy thing is that all the missionaries in Liberia and Sierra Leon have been emergency transferred out because of the Ebola virus. But we called the branch president and he said they can all get baptized with or with out the missionaries if we teach them all 5 lessons! That's great news. 

But it has been so sad to hear the people we're teaching talk about how bad it is down there. A lot of their friends and family are dying. Keep Liberia in your prayers please!!
We've taught some others this week, but I honestly can't even remember everything. My heads just spinning and spinning as usual of course. haha. 

Oh Miracle! Who remembers Ric, a less active I was teaching with Sister Bondare? Well, Sister Bondare is outbound so she hasn't talked to him in a while, and I hadn't either cause I didn't have his information when I got back here. But I found it all from another Sister and I called him! OMG! 
He actually ended up going back to jail for 45 days! He got out a few months ago and has changed his life 360 since then. He's completely back to activity, going to church every week (actually gave a talk on Repentance), goes to institute, has his Temple Recommend and is receiving the Melchizedek priesthood soon!  I am sooo happy for him. Hopefully he will come to the Salt Lake Temple to do baptisms soon and I'll be able to go :)

I just LOVE being Sister Marsh's companion. There are SO many perks to being companions with someone who has already been a good friend. We just push each other to be better in every single way. Even physically. We've started a Fitness Plan! hahah. We've both gotta loose 25 pounds... like literally. This is not even a joke. I am too fat! We've set goals and are totally going to keep each other accountable. I've got 5 months to get skinny & she's got 3. So it's on! hahha. We even posted our goals all over our house. :) I am learning a lot from her though. She is so patient and loving, in every way and in everything we do. A spiritual giant as well.

Anyways, I'm doing great. Happy as ever of course.  I love you all.
Can you believe I've been a missionary for a year on Thursday. No way is that real. How does the time just zip by? 

Oh & Sister Tiritilli is back from outbound. Ahh. That was the BEST reunion ever. 4 months was wayyy too long to be away from her. hahaha. We've decided that we can literally never live without each other after this! :)

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Sister Hansen

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