Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8 - 5 / Day 190 TRANSFER NEWS

Oh my goodness. Can I just tell you all how EXCITED I am for this next transfer. I will miss Sister Richardson a ton though. She is going outbound to the Nampa Idaho Mission. 

I'm gonna miss this Sister Richardson!
My new companion is from Arizona, Sister Marsh. We've been super good friends since I got in the mission. So I don't know what President is thinking ;) hahaha. All I know is that it's going to be tons and tons of fun. But also super hard work cause we're working in the mission office. We're Temple Square Coordinators which means we basically run everything that happens on the square. We're in charge of reporting all the tours to the missionary department and a million more things that wouldn't even make sense if I told you cause this mission just has so many unseen things going on in it that no one understands or knows about. Lots of responsibility and office work, but I'm stoked, ... I have tons to learn though.

I can't believe I'm not going to be in the Beehive House anymore. I enjoyed serving there so so much and it strengthened my testimony ten fold in the prophet Brigham Young and our prophet today! I loved every opportunity to share that with all the visitors that came. There were about 13,000 visitors just in the Beehive House in July. Yeah... crazy, I know! Lets just say we taught LOTS & LOTS & LOTS. Sister Richardson & I made some hilarous memories there. From me telling people that Brigham was 200ft to her totally blanking on what Joseph Smith's name was while pointing to his picture. hahahah. You can only imagine what the people must have been thinking. Just goes to show what happens when you're teaching so many tours.

This transfer has been so great, I have learned so many different things, but I think one of the greatest lessons I've learned over the past 6 weeks is to accept and understand the Lord's will. I realized more than ever how much happiness comes when I follow the things He wants for me! The times I feel the greatest joy are when I'm doing things that help me or others come closer to Him and understand Him more. The gospel of Jesus Christ is meant to build us up, make us stronger, make us happier and better people each and everyday. I've seen in the mission the way the Atonement helps me change every single day. I wake up each morning and just pray that I will be able to become better that day and learn something that will help me. That I can just be filled with joy and happiness to be a missionary! Not a day goes by that I don't see my Savior building me stronger and helping me become better.

Now an update on some of the people we're teaching....

Ann: Poor thing has just been so stressed out with her husband being sick and her parents as well, that she kind of dropped us :(. It was actually funny timing to be honest. I was fasting on Sunday that I would be able to help all the people we're teaching accept Christ and His gospel in their life. That they would all continue to progress. But that's okay. I remembered that It's all about the Lord's timing and not mine. She literally doesn't have time to go to church or meet with the missionaries cause she's in the hospital or busy doing something else. So for right now we're just going to give her time to figure everything out that's going on in her life. She did tell us that she knew our prayers were lifting her and helping her. So it's not all sad. What needed to happen, did. :)

Brandon: We met him on chat a few weeks ago. He came on as he was sitting in his car too nervous to go into church. haha. What!? We've been teaching him and it's been a little difficult to tell if he's sincere. Over the phone is just totally different from teaching in person. He was able to make it to church this past Sunday and he said he enjoyed it a lot! He actually went to dinner with the missionaries at a members house that night. All of this is like too good to be true almost. haha. He's going to school at Snow College here in Utah at the end of the month. He's from North Carolina and is 19! His parents aren't too fond of the church, but we'll see where this all leads. Hopefully it's with him knowing for himself that this church is true.

Adrien: Haven't been able to talk to him much lately. He didn't go to church on Sunday, but that's okay. Maybe next. He did go the week before last though. He said he isn't ready for the missionaries to visit his home yet either.

Jose: We met Jose on chat as well. He's so stinkin golden it's cool. He came on asking how he could know if God was real. He talked about how he's felt His love for him when he prays and he sees how much He's helped him in his life, but he isn't quit sure that that is all enough to know if he's real. We taught him for the first time yesterday and it was really great. We talked all about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and talked about all the ways we can feel His Love in our lives and that the more we can recognize these things in our lives the more our understand grows of him and his reality in our lives. He's super interested and his heart is soooo open. Hopefully he'll go to the YSA ward. He's 19 too.
Yay for all the young single adults we're teaching!

I just LOVE being a missionary! Can't believe I've almost been out for a year. That just BLOWS my mind. What in the world.

Love you all!
Always remember the things that matter most :)

Sister Hansen

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