Tuesday, July 29, 2014

7-29 / Day 197 Always Learning

I've learned about a million different lessons this week!
We had Pioneer Day this past week, that was fun. The parade was cool, pretty interesting. We just cooked in the sun! Rockin' the missionary tan lines now, for sure, hahaah. I should send pictures. :)
Mustache Cop.

Hahaha!! Pushing like a T-Rex!!

Sister Richardson is back to full health, thank goodness. I was about to go a little crazy there. I just wanted to work, but poor Sis Richardson felt terrible. But we made it through that trial to the other side. Through it, I learned.

I've realized that my intentions to work and be a good missionary are in the right place. I do all that I should, I'm obedient... but there are levels above where I am at. What I realized, is that I need to LOVE the work more. I need to align myself more with the Lord. There's progress to be made with my heart. I realized, after reading one of Kayleigh's emails, that I need to look for Hidden Treasures in the Mission. I was talking to one of the assistants this week and I shared all this with her and she reminded me of Luke 12:34,

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

It's taken on all new meaning. It just totally goes hand in hand. We've gotta look for the good and change our hearts while doing it. Sister Briggs said my example of how the Atonement works is a light to others. She said that she has watched it change me as a missionary and that it is beginning to allow me to sparkle in his light and not just shine. It was so sweet of her to tell me all that. I've realized that I can't just align my will with the Lord's will. I've got to align my vision with His VISION.

We took some pretty interesting people on tours of the Beehive house this week. From Anti's to Transvestites. hahahah. I don't think you all believe me when I tell you that EVERY walk of life comes to Temple Square. I love serving in the prophet Brigham Young's home though. It's strengthened my testimony on prophets a ton!!! He was such an amazing man. He gathered all his family every night at 6:30 to have Family Home Evening. Goodness, we can hardly do it once a week these days. But he did it every night despite all the important things he had going on as the Prophet, Governor and everything else he did!

Ann is still wanting to attend church and get baptized, but her life is just going hay wire. Her husband is still in the hospital. He's got pretty bad pneumonia. The Elders were able to visit and give him a blessing though. Pray that everything will get better soon so that they can attend church.

Adrien is such an intersting kid! We taught him the rest of the Restoration this week. We asked him what he thought about the Joseph Smith story after sharing it with him and his reply, "It's an incredible story, what a miracle. I'm so glad to hear it." After talking a little more, our conversation eventually led to talking about baptism. Before we could finish inviting him to be baptized he bursted out with "yeah yeah yeah" hahah. I hope he went to church. We haven't been able to get a hold of him.

We started teaching a man named Marc this week! He found the church when his car broke down. He was going through a really rough time and starting walking to find a gas station or something after his car broke and he found the church on his way. He talked with the missionaries or something and just knew it wasn't an accident that he found it. He's been trying to get into church and wants to change his life around a lot. Looking forward to sharing more with him soon.

I've been calling Bill like once a week since I've been here. He's doing really really well. Gone to a ton of church activities and sacrament once or twice. His wife is still a bit of a roller coaster, she is either super accepting or super not. He talked about how every time he goes to church, he can't help but just cry! Love that man sooo much.

Paul Decker (recent convert way back when) is going really great too. I've actually met 2 families from his home ward this past week or so. They talk soo highly of him and it's really cool :) His wife actually just got called to help with the cub scouts!

Ben's doing good too. He visits the square pretty regularly. He's thinking about serving a mission next summer! WOOOHOOOOOO. What a solid kid he is!

OH OH OH, and Craig & Theressa are still interested in the church. Remember the guy who fell through his roof? He's been in a rehab center for the past month and just now coming out. The Sisters have been over a few times and taught his wife! So great!

That's about it for this week I suppose.

I love you all so dearly.

Sister Hansen

Oh PS!! (God loves me and Sister Richarson sooo much. He saved our lives this week. We were crossing the street and it was super rainy outside. Some lady was too distracted staring up at the Temple or something that she legit almost killed us. We were both looking the opposite direction and then I looked to the right and saw this car flying 40mph straight towards us. The lady finally saw us and slammed on her breaks, but since it was sooo rainy she slid on the water and the car stopped like literally 2 ft from us!!!!! Scariest thing EVER. She rolled down her window and yelled, "OMGOSH I'm sooo sorry! Are you okay are you okay are you okay!??! We were so freaked out that we just started cracking up.

Crazy lady. She probably felt really dumb for almost hitting the sister missionaries.

Another lady walked up to us after it all happened and said, "Someone's watching out for you!" Yeah, that's for sure cause we almost died! )


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