Wednesday, July 9, 2014

7 - 8 / Day 218 Only in Salt Lake City

It's never ever ever a dull week as a missionary!

Some fun things have happened this week that's for sure.

Lets just start off with meeting President and Sister Utchdorf while shopping at Costco after emailing last week! hahaha. Yup. We had a 5 minute conversation with them and it was so cool. He asked us where we were from and then Sister Utchdorf told us we were so pretty and thin! : )

The next day we wake up to go running and lets just say the complete unexpected happened. We're just strolling along and all the sudden some competely naked man comes out of nowhere running next to us and I about had a heart attack. I thought to myself, "NAKED... AHHHHH!!" Then, I just turned my head as fast as I could the other direction. All the other Sisters only saw him from behind but Sister Richardson & I had to see from the front! Worst morning EVER! hahahahaha.

We've taken some pretty amazing tours this week. We met a lady named Tammie in the Assembly Hall. The spirit pretty much directed us to her. She was super chill and really open to everything we talked about. We pretty much taught her the whole restoration and at the Christus the spirit was so strong. I shared Enos 1:27 with her. And talked about how our ultimate goal in life is to make it back to our Savior and, because of this Gospel, it is all possible. She had the sweetest smile on her face! Well, her free spirit got to her after the tour. We found out later that she jumped into one of the fountains with her dog and was like playing in it. So, of course, security had to escort her out and she was NOT happy about that. She kept yelling, "Where's your golden plates anyways!" When Sis Richardson & I found out, we just had to laugh! hahaha. Not what we would even have thought to happen. And now she won't answer her phone cause she's probably mad about getting kicked out! haha. At least the seed was planted and she, for sure, felt the spirit when we took her around.

We also met the Light family! Just a sweet family from Georgia. They were so prepared and the Dad had so many amazing questions. At the end we committed them to reading the Book of Mormon as a family and praying to know if it was true. They accepted! We are going to call them as soon as they get home from vacation!

Today we took the sweetest little family from Slovenia around! They aren't really any kind of religion cause they haven't found one they totally agree with yet. But as we shared the Restoration with them and Church History they were just shaking their heads and smiling the whole time. In God's Plan, both Mom & Dad had tears in their eyes! We gave them a Book of Mormon, as well, and they're going to read it.

Can't wait to call all these great families once they're home!!!

The Beehive House has been insanely busy! Back to back to back tours the whole entire time we are there. But we are starting to love it a lot! Learning more about the early history of the church has just built my testimony a ton. I've realized that God has not just built beautiful temples and churches and homes and conference centers and tabernacles here in Temple Square, but He is truly building me here!

Every week there is some kind of struggle or challenge I go through. Every time I turn to God, He just helps & gives me the answers I'm seeking!

I am truly grateful for that!

Sister Hansen

PS (OH... & Mitt Romney came to Music & The Spoken Word this week! He walked like RIGHT past us! We were like wooooahhh hahaha)

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