Wednesday, July 2, 2014

7 - 1 / Day 225 Back to the Lovely Temple Square aka The Happiest Place on EARTH!

Oh how blessed I feel to be back in Temple Square!

The weather has been perfect, the flowers are gorgeous everywhere, and I have dearly missed staring straight up at that beautiful Temple everyday and preachin' about Jesus Christ in front of it : ). I have a great companion. We're serving in the Beehive House this transfer which is actually WAY more fun than I expected it to be. I never wanted to be assigned there & now I am there, but loving it. Summer is insannnne here. SOOO MANY PEOPLE! It's non-stop tours and lessons allllll day long! Wooooohooo. It's been so weird to come back and have NO investigators haha. But Sister Richardson & I are working super hard trying to find new prepared people! Our work is beginning to pay off. But really it just all comes down to having the faith and knowing that God will place people in our path if we're doing everything that we should. I do miss Clovis and Bill and the people there, but I KNOW God has called me to Temple Square for a specific reason. I am seeing now more than ever, how much this placed has healed me spiritually! The second I walked back into the gates I was just flooded with the spirit and felt so much joy! :)
Some things about the mission have changed over the last 3 months, but all for the better. We actually get uninterupted study time now where you don't have to leave studies to take a tour or anything. So we have Personal study in the morning and then comp study at night. In order for all this to work we go to bed at 10:15 and wake up at 6:15. Kinda confusing to explain it all over email, but it's the bessttt to be able to get real good study time.
Sister Richardson is my new companion from North Carolina! I just love her. She is soooo fun and so hard working. What more could I ask for! We've been running up to the Capitol building and then running the stairs too in the morning for workouts! It's the bessst. Such pretty views. But the altitude is killing me. haha. Makes me feel like such a fatty.

As I'm sure you can imagine, there are thousands of people from all over the world coming each day. I have learned to LOVE the Asian people soooooo much. hahah. Funniest people EVER. We went on a huge tour of like 50 Asians this week with some other Sisters and I just laughed the whole time at them taking pictures of everthing and saying, "wooooow" in their cute little accents! I'm learning Mandarin too. It's hard, haha.
Sister Hale went home on Sunday :( That was the saddest thing EVER. She had to leave for surgery & I'm going to miss the heck out of her. So sad my most favorite companion left. I bawled my little eyes out on my bed with her saying bye!
I don't know what else to say other than that I'm great, happy to be back, and trying to work hard. Hopefully I'll be all adjusted and back to complete normal next week.
Sister Hansen

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