Monday, July 28, 2014

7 - 22 / Day 205 Another Week Has Gone By

Since I've had such concerns about my email skills, I've come up with a solution!! I'm bringing everyone into the inner world of .... of ..... of ......  my journal!  Here goes! Woohooo!

July16 Wed: The Beehive house has been insane. No matter what, I always have to repeat myself & I'm literally talking all day LONG non stop.  After a while, reason seems to check out and I just start sounding like an idiot. I kept saying Brigham Young was 200ft instead of pounds haha. 

We finally got a hold of Isaac our investigator from Liberia. He is the sweetest thing. Super solid. Wants to go to church so bad but is just waiting for his wife's total support. In the town he's from the Eboli virus is going around. He is super worried for his kids & wife.  I can not even imagine that. Pray for him and his family. He needs all the help he can get. He can't even afford their education.

July 17 Thurs: Miracle day like no other. We got to teach Ann again! She is literally prepared. The Elders came over and taught her and her husband sat in the lesson, too. We taught about the Sabbath day and what to expect at church. All her answers are like beautiful and perfect. She loves that the sacrament is like a fresh new start each week. She totally understands the importance of the Sabbath day. "It's a quiet day to remember God. We can go on walks and enjoy nature, spend time with our loved ones, and come closer to God". Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner! We committed her to be baptized on August 2nd. She said she would tell the Elders that she's preparing for that day. Her sweet little 82yr old husband is planning to go to church with her too. 

After teaching Ann, we got a chat from a kid named Adrien. A 17 year old that just wants to repent of all the wrong things he's done in his life. We called him right then and got to know him a little bit better. He is a little bit socially awkward, but just wants to accept Christ so much in his life. 

I finally got to call and talk to Sandra again on the phone after like 4 months! She is the sweetest thing ever. She is loving being a Laurel adviser and her husband Bradley got called to be a ward missionary. We talked a lot about when she went to the Temple. She said that she couldn't stop crying the whole time she was there because she had never felt that way in her whole entire life. They are just one of the few mission miracles I've been able to witness. She even put a picture of me up on their fridge with the Salt Lake Temple next to it & anytime the missionaries or members come to her house she shares her conversion story to them! :) She is such a great example of faith to me!

July 18 Fri: Sister Davis' whole entire stake came to Temple Square for Youth Conference. 250 youth!! Sister Richardson and I got to play investigators! We got all dressed down in normal clothes and it was super neat. I pretended to be someone the Sisters met on the square that agreed to have some young kids ask me questions. So a group of about 15 kids came down and asked questions and taught me what they felt prompted to. I dont know how we pulled it off, but everyone thought we were legit investigators. Even the Stake President! Say WHAT!?! We got invited to come to lunch with them. Leaders were coming up and thanking us for being so courageous and willling to come. One grabbed our hands and just cried telling us that "We were daughters of God"! It brought tears to my eyes it was so sweet. Others would say things like, "You're never going to forget this day and neither are we." It was just really cool to place myself in my investigators shoes. I hope all of my investigators feel that amount of love!

July19 Sat: There was the sickest 1,000 ft slip and slide all the way down mainstreet! I wanted to go on it soooo bad. Good thing I love Jesus Christ more than rad slip & slides. They were playing apostate music though. It was awkward to be walking around the square and hear KESHA blasting into your ears. Awkward! haha. 

We taught Adrien again and he's so shy. It was really hard to get him to completely open up. I hope he loved going to church though and made a new friend. Ann didn't get to make it to church cause her husband ended up in the hospital. We haven't been able to get a hold of her!! Sad. Hope everything's okay.

July 20 Sun: Poor Sister Richardson got soo sooo sick. She was in her bed all day long just dying. So I had lots of study time and ponder time. I learned a lot :) haha. I got to go to the square for like 3 hours though & when I did we found a miracle! We were sitting talking to a newly reactivated member, Jackie, and this lady came up a little frazzled asking where the Joseph Smith movie was. We told her how to get there and then she left. After we were done talking with Jackie, Sis Bailey looked up at me and said, "We have to go find that lady."  I said,  "YES let's go!" So we went to where the movie gets out and stopped her before she could leave. We asked her how she liked it and she said, "it's always so sad to see what he went through." We asked if we could sit down with her and she said, "Yes, please, actually will you pray with me? I've been trying to feel the spirit since I got here." So of course, we just ran over to the nearest couch! We got to know her a little bit better and heard her whole story about how she found the church, but ended up going inactive and just starting coming back to church and stopped smoking like a week ago! As we were talking she just started bawling and said, "It's the spirit, I'm finally feeling it. It's such a comforting thing." Music to my little ears! We talked for a little while longer and she said, "I think the spirit is telling me that I need to keep in contact with you so that you can help me get to the temple" hahah, WHAT?!? Yes duh, of course we want to keep in contact with you. I am so excited to continue helping sweet Jaime get the spirit more fully back into her life.

Sister Richardson is still really sick, I've been pushing her around in a wheel chair for like 2 days now. Yeah, it's a work out going up the hills! Hahhaah. None of the doctors know what's wrong so we're just playing it by ear. I'm kind of dying inside a little. I just want to go and TALK to everyone but I'm stuck inside! That's okay though. My companion's health comes first.  I'm just hoping that we will find answers soon.  It's hard to see her in so much pain.

Anyways... Love you all!

Hope this wasn't tooo much info. You're all in the inner journal world now.  hahaha

Sister Hansen

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