Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10 - 20 / Day 94 The Time is Accelerating

I don't know where to begin... as usual, right?!

How about I start with this, I went to check my mail box this morning and in it I found our departure paperwork to fill out. I wanted to rip it all up and scream, "NO I won't even LOOK at that!" hahah.

This week has been busy, nothing to too exciting happened. I'll share one cool experience though...

Ben (recent convert) texted us on Tuesday morning saying he had a friend he wanted to bring to the square for us to teach. Where do I begin....  His friend Johnny is so sweet and open to guidance and goodness. He grew up in the Presbyterian church in North Carolina, but goes to school at the U now and is trying to make right and good decisions in his life. He came to Utah for the first time 2 years ago, visited Temple Square and felt something so different here.  It was a super long lesson, so I don’t even know how to include it all in one little journal entry,  but the spirit was super strong the whole time. We started our lesson just sitting on the couches and getting to know him. He really wants to make the right decision in his life and get on a better path. We took him to the NVC basement and taught him about Prophets, The Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith. He had a lot of great questions! Ben gets soooo excited while sharing about the Gospel and loves Johnny a lot, it’s pretty cute actually.  

After talking for a while in the basement and answering some of the questions he had, we took him to see Gods plan. Alright, let’s just say there was NO way I was getting out of the presentation without bawling.  Just a side note, this was the first time I’ve been through God's Plan with Ben since the first time one year ago which was when he knew he was supposed to get baptized. The spirit was so strong and touched Johnny’s heart a lot. He sees so much goodness in the church and is sincerely interested in coming to know if it’s true.  Listening to Ben at the end bear his testimony and tell him his conversion story, literally made me want to cry my eyes out.  I tried my hardest to compose myself, oh my let me just say… that was a hard one for me. Haha. It is the neatest thing to see someone who’s been through so much bring a close friend of his to us to teach and to help. I hope more than anything that we can help his friend Johnny find goodness and light in the teachings of Jesus Christ as he learns more about the things that we believe. I just LOVE being a missionary and I don’t know how I’m ever going to enter back into the normal world. I feel so protected and happy cause I’m just consumed by the spirit every day. So many good things to come these next few months in the field! I'm just continuing to learn and grow.

We had President's interviews this week. That was nice :) I love President sooooo much. Our new transfers start next Wednesday so this week we're going to be in the office again 24/7 making schedules and getting everything ready. I'm pretty sure I'm going to train for my last 2 transfers. We'll see. I'll know in a few days what's happening. I'll be excited if that happens, but also a little nervous. It has it's pro's & con's for sure.

I love you all.

Sister Hansen

PS.  David Archuletta's Fireside Pic:

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