Friday, November 14, 2014

11 - 13 / Day 70 Weekly Hellos

Alright Alright... 
Nothing too exciting happened this week. Just the same ol' same ol'.  

After some major health challenges with Sister Jarrett, things are slowing improving, I'm grateful for that. The missionary work is just going right along.  We have a few people on date and a few meeting with local missionaries now. So all is well. 
We're prepping for our crazzzyy Christmas season over here. I AM SO EXCITED. But also scared cause the second those Christmas lights turn on time is going to fly. I remember how fast it went by last year. 

I'm excited for this Sunday, I get to go back to the Swahili ward for John's baptism. Someone Sister Marsh & I met when we were together. 

Oh, and I so want to share about Carlos this week.  He emailed me the SWEETEST email this week... I just have to share part of it cause it melted me little heart! 

"You are almost done with your mission! I seriously I am sooo happy, yet sad that you are done! Hopefully we can still be friends and still talk to each other after your mission! It weird, to be honest, we are good friends while you are still serving your mission. Most missionaries don't talk to the people they convert afterwords. I am the lucky one! Anyways, I am about to turn 1 year being a Mormon. Man, thats crazy. I didn't know the church could change my life. I still remember talking to you for the first time! Now that was funny.I1 year of ups and downs. Only been 1 year and I still do my best to help the church and the people around me! 

I am so grateful for you teaching me a year ago, and know we are friends still!  If I could I would have let you baptize me. You called nearly every single day and taught me so much and never gave up on me even if I was sorta of challenging person to teach! I learned so much from you and I still do! Its awesome what you experience and go through.  You deserve an award.  I got to know a good amount of missionaries during this past year and you beat every single one of them. Thanks so much for inspiring me and helping me understand the gospel. You aren't just a missionary, I know,  but a good friend. You always have something to teach me. Thanks for that."



This, my friends, is why I am so grateful for the choice I have made to come serve my Savior. What great joy & lasting happiness it has brought to my life to help in God's work & help bring his children back to him. It's emails like those that make every trial, every struggle, every complicated companion totally worth it! I just continue to pray that I will be able to find more souls like Carlos' that are more than prepared to receive this wonderful gospel. That I will be guided by the spirit to know what to say to those that I speak with! 

Tomorrow is also a year since the first day I met Ben. Wow... how much the Lord has done for Ben & Carlos this past year & for me as well.

I love you all... let us all remember the things that we are thankful for this Thanksgiving season.
Have a wonderful week everyone! 

Sister Hansen

Pretty Fall Leaves!

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