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Dec/January 2014-2015 The Wrapping Up Scenes of Mission Well Served ...

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Yvette here, again. So did you think I was just going to up and leave you hanging and not share Sister Hansen's last few of emails from her mission including her mission wrap up? WAIT .... Can we just pretend I didn't ask that? Yes, we'll just take that as a rhetorical question (the kind there is really no need to answer), and hopefully it will suffice to share that welcoming home a daughter that you're profoundly grateful to have the stewardship of parenting, is a very consuming event. To add to that, the week that we went to Salt Lake to pick Emily up was actually the first week of the Spring semester for me so when we got back home with her, there was much to do for this lady of limited capacity, to catch up with school classes. I had to push back the privilege of this final wrap up task.

So, please read on and enjoy Emily's reflections during the last few weeks before departing her honorably served 18-month full-time service in the Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square mission.

From December 30, 2014

Hello family & friends!!

This week has just FLOWN by. It's been a really fun and busy week with Christmas.

Sister Vasi & I are just working hard. Being a district leader has taken me away from her a lot which makes me sad, but I know exchanges are important so it's okay. We've been on exchanges the past 2 days and when we got together again last night we were like, "AH I MISSED YOU!"

I really don't know what I'm going to do when I have to leave her in 3 weeks. She has been such a blessing to me especially at the end of the mission. She pushes me to be better and to work harder everyday. I love that every time we teach or just talk to someone we're always evaluating afterward to know what we can do better for the next time. I've been praying so hard lately that I will be able to finish all the things that the Lord has asked of me. Pleading with him to have the spirit to know what to do next.

Christmas was so good. I have loved Christmas as a missionary because you're able to be outside of the world and just fully 100% focus on the Savior and glorify Him. We had so much fun in our apartment and the mission had a big Christmas program that was seriously beautiful and so full of the Spirit.

I hope you all had a spiritual and uplifting Christmas and that you set goals for the new year that will all help you to become better :) That's what I'm doing!! Yay for 2015 in the RM life. 

haha ya right... I'm so scared. You don't even know.

I love you all! 

Sister Hansen

The gift of love box is a little box where we write on a little piece of paper something nice we did for someone in our apartment that day. you do it everyday of December and on Christmas you read them! It was so sweet.

From January 6, 2015

Welp... this week's been really great. 
Heather got baptized :) Yayyy. She even got a calling her first Sunday as an official member. She's going to be helping out with the Relief Society Enrichment Nights. We're super happy for her. She's the sweetest! 

We had some awesome miracles happen this week. We did a zone fast for the people we're teaching and sooo many people were baptized this week and were able to make it one step closer to come closer to Christ. 

I love this work! I will surely miss it. I can't believe how fast the time is going now. I'm just taking each day as it comes and doing my very best to work my very hardest that day. 

I can't even tell you how much I love Sister Vasi. She is honestly an angel. Couldn't be any more sweet or more loving. Don't think I've EVER heard one negative thing slip out of her mouth. Ya, I'm not even exaggerating I'm surrounded by an angel 24/7. She's a POWERFUL missionary. 

We've had some interesting experiences in the Beehive House this week. One tour was full of just SUPER angry members. The spirit was just not there, so we kind of just went through as fast as we could since it was super awkward the tension that was there. Then afterwards the angry ladies followed me back into the house and just RIPPED me one after the other.  Ya, that hit me pretty hard for some reason. I went into the back room and just bawled. Usually I let that stuff just slip right off my shoulders, but they totally got to me. But I realized I did the best I could with the situation we were put it. That's just the story in short. 

Also... I can't even tell you how happy I am that the Christmas Lights are off! I love them, but after a month and a half straight of them it's nice to say, "See ya next year."

I love you all!! 

Sister Hansen

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