Saturday, September 7, 2013

9-4 / Day 22 Temple Square watch out ... Sister Hansen is there!!

  Welllll .... I'm here in Temple Square & I haven't even been to my apartment yet cause I'm one of the lucky sisters to have on my first day here! 

I'm exhausted we had to wake up at 4am this morning to be ready and leaving the MTC by 5:30! Sooo lets just say it's gonna be a long day today!
But I'm so extremely excited to actually be here! President Gillet and his wife are adorable, I love them already! It's gonna be one crazy mission here with all these CRAZY sisters. I'm serious they're insane, sooo much personality! My new companion is from FRANCE! So someone is going to have to update Kayleigh that we can have some nice FRENCH convos when she gets home :) Crazzzzyy, I'm so excited! Shes so so sweet her name is Sister Deleu she lives very close to Paris! 
Ummm lets see, what else to tell you?
Well I feel like I've been set FREE from jail cause I'm not in the MTC anymore. I loved it and learned soo much but I'm way excited to be in the real world now! When I get to the grocery store tonight I'm gonna be like a little girl in the candy store but in the healthy food section, cause I am sick and tired of CRAP cafeteria food! 
I have so much to learn!! I can't hardly take it! 
Family... I am allowed one visit from you. So I have a total of 2 hours, one for tour, and one to go out to eat! SOOO this is gonna have to happen when Kendl gets home from his mission  : ) So when he comes back up to school everyones gonna have to be there!!! And then I'm sure Kendl and Blake can come and "run into me" haha. But I never told you to do that ; ) 
I can't even explain to you how much I've learned these past 3 weeks! I know that being on a mission is exactly what the Lord wants me to be doing right now! I know that I need to open my mouth and be brave so that I can share the gospel with every person that walks onto this square! The spirit is SO POWERFUL! I can feel the power of this gospel literally down to the marrow of my bones! I LOVE IT! I know if i do not work my very hardest on this mission it won't be worth it and I will come home with regrets, and that IS NOT going to happen! I know the power of the Book of Mormon, I know that people desperately need its teachings in their lives! I read it again in the MTC and just finished like the day before yesterday! It is truly an amazing book. I know with all my heart this gospel is true, my pure happiness comes from teaching it to others and I want all of God's sons & daughters to feel this happiness too! I will have more faith than fear during my mission! I am fully converted to this gospel and I can't wait to work beside the Lord in his work as a missionary for the next 18 months! 
Temple Square watch out.... Sister Hansen is HERE! 
I love you all!!!!! 

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