Sunday, September 1, 2013

8-30 Fri / Day 17 Best Week Ever !!

I honestly don't even know where to begin! 

This week has been amazing amazing amazing. And I probably said that last week but I really mean it this time.  This week started my Visitors Center training.
I have had the opportunity to hear from so many leaders in the church!  Such as:
Sister Carol McConkie -- First Counselor of the YW
Steven B. Allen -- In charge of the whole missionary department
And last but not least, Elder Neil L. Anderson -- He gave the most powerful talk on love and sacrifice! It was amazing to be in the presence of an apostle.

When he walked into the Marriott Center the spirit smacked you in the face it was so strong! Then on our way home walking back to the MTC it literally started POURING rain, so that was great. haha Luckily my shoes didn't get ruined... blessings!!

Then on Wednesday we got to visit Temple Square!! We went on a tour and the spirit there is soooo peaceful. I know it will be a healing ground for me! I learned sooo much about Visitors Center Sisters this week! Only 2% of Sister missionaries are called to a Visitors Center mission. This blew my mind. I had no idea. I just think it's the biggest compliment in the whole world that Heavenly Father called me to one of his Visitors Centers! I am so blessed for my mission call! I LOVE IT!!! I wouldn't rather be stuck in any other 15- acre place EVER! It's like a spirtiual cage of goodness : )  I get to go back tomorrow & give tours myself with a training sister! SO nervous but SOOO excited! It's fun to get outta the MTC : ) and be in my mission! 

Nappy time for Sister Asay!
I met some amazing Sisters this week, literally, from all over the world serving in temple square with us! They're incredible girls from Fiji, Taiwan, Australia, Hong-Kong, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Honduras, Phillipines, islands you've never even heard of, and other crazy places!  There are about 30 of us reporting next Wednesday.  They are all soo cute, too, and their English is AMAZING!  I always ask them to pray in their native language when they're called on.  I love hearing their languages and I admire them so much.  I'm literally going to make best friends from ALLLLLL over the world!  I'm going on some crazy vacays after the mission, lemme tell ya!

Sister Hansen and Sister Asay:
Growing closer to the good Word! (Even unconsciously)
I also learned this week how to chat with people online! And then we started doing it these past few days! It's soo fun and addicting.   I just wanna talk to people alll day long about the gospel!  Our teacher Sister Billin(who reminds me SO much of Aunt Rachel) challenged us to get a real investigator before we leave the MTC on Wednesday! Sister Asay & I were like yeah right were not gonna get a real investigator and send his info to the missionaries for baptism. To our amazment we sign on and the first conversation is from a man named John. His first words to us are "Where can I go to church so I can get baptized" Long story short... He is from Ireland and has been living like a Mormon for a year now basically. He's been learning about stuff on and ordered his own BOM that he reads... He says its "his manual to life now".... anywho we talked to him about a bunch of stuff and committed him to Baptism on Sept. 21! AMAZING! We have a real investigator from IRELAND! I could go on and on about him, but I dont even have the time!  But this increased my testimony times a million! It really shows that the Lord literally prepares people for us!
The MTC has been amazing!!!!   It amazes me, the spirit I feel literally 24/7!!! I am soooooooo eternally grateful for my mission and all that I'm learning. The power of this gospel is real, & I feel it everytime I open my mouth and teach someone. 

I cannot thank everyone enough times for all the love I've gotten here in the MTC!  I've received literally over 35 letters and like 7 packages! 
Thank you Skidmores for your letters 
Thank you Sister Brown for your sweet notes and snacks 
& Uncle JS for the chips & quesso... saved me at night when I was STARVING from eating dinner at 4:30pm! hahah... & I can't believe you guys saw Kayden Walters... I just saw him at lunch today! AWESOME! 

Besides all this goodness happening there's always something bad bound to happen.... & yeah the BAD definitely came!
So I'm like 100% sure I have a sinus infection but I'm too stubborn to go to the Health Clinic, so I'm just taking Mucinex ... which is fine, I guess, haha.
And yesterday, I literally almost cracked my head open!   I was drinking at the water fountain... I was soooo thirsty that after my drink I had my eyes closed and was just doing that whole, "ahhhh so refreshing,"  when, to my astonishment I SMAACKEDDD the corner of my head into the cement corner of the brick wall with like metal all along the corner.  Sister Peters literally grabbed my head as it projectiled off the wall and Sister Asay grabbbed my arm so I didn't fall over!  I was seeing some major stars! Then I started bawling and cracking up all at the same time because I couldn't even imagine how dumb and funny I looked!  Wish I got a pic of my head!  hahaha yeah, it still hurts. But I definitely don't have a concussion though ... more blessings! 
Because I literally hit hard enough to get one! The whole thing was HILARIOUS though, we laughed for a good 30 minutes!

Can't wait to get out there next week and get to work.
Love you all!

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